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Where are all My Hero Academia fans at? – Sour candies


Cute tins with the legendary My Hero Academia characters, each one of these tins hold 1.2 ounces of wonderful candies in the ultra-cool strawberry lemonade flavor. One box of this delicious assortment is packed in twelve tins is enough for all your sweet and tangy cravings. The sweetness of strawberries and the tanginess of lemonade tingles your senses. It has you coming back for more, again and again. Cube-shaped are compact to carry for your on-the-go munching or hangout plans with the clan. Throw on away in your pack or pocket and start your day with some strawberry goodness and lime freshness.


Perfect gifting options for our My Hero Academia fans. Regardless of your age, you just can’t escape the charisma of these heroic vibes. Yet another revolutionary range of themed candies by Boston America, known for their creative, delicious, and exciting range of delightful candies, mints, gummies, and more.


Perfect for birthday parties, events, picnics, gift hampers, game nights, and more. Want to fire it a level up? Plan a My Hero Academia game night or binging movie night with these themed treats by your side. Stock up your snack factory with this bold and funky candy collection.


Buy these hit fun-packed boxes in bulk for your wholesale candy collection Canada and expand your heavenly candy pantry. 


Brand: Boston America

Flavor: Sour strawberry

No. of Units: 12


Ingredients: Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Artificial Flavor, Artificial Color (FD&C Yellow 5).


Nutritional Facts:

In a serving size of 3 pieces

Amount per serving

Calories- 10

Total fat – 0g

Sodium- 0mg

Total Carbohydrate- 2 g

Total sugars- 2 g

Added Sugars- 2 g

Protein- 0 g


Ingredients and nutrition facts mentioned by the manufacturer are subject to change as per the manufacturer. For current data, kindly refer to product labeling or directly contact manufacturer.