Charleston Chew Vanilla Std Size 1.88oz X 24 Units

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Nougat with a rich, chocolaty coating that is chewy and flavorful.

Charleston Chew has been a favourite among Americans since its inception in 1922, because of its chewy, tasty nougat wrapped in a thick, chocolatey coating.

Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla tastes are available in these fun and tempting packages. They're named after the Charleston, a popular dance from the early twentieth century.

Because people like to break them into small pieces before eating, they're commonly eaten frozen, giving them the classic "Charleston Chew crack." 

There are endless ways to have fun with these treats. This scrumptious treat is perfect for breakfast, a snack, or anytime.

To add to your wholesale candy collection in Canada, get these well-known fun-filled chewies in bulk. 

This chewy bar is free of peanuts, kosher, gluten, and other allergens.


Tootsie Roll





Unit Count

42.72 Ounce

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