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Candy, these small sugar-packed punches of happiness, possess the ability to turn your world upside down. They can be made out of everything, from fruits, vegetables, and nuts to ginger and cloves; you name it. There’s not one single person in this world, from small children to old adults, who can resist candy.

Candy has so many variations in terms of shape, taste, ingredients, and color that you can use candies to celebrate almost every occasion on this planet. There are specially made candies for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and college parties, and they even go with "thank you" and "get well soon" notes. Whether you want to send a gift or just lay back on your couch and enjoy your Sunday movie, candies can be the catalyst for happiness whenever and wherever you want.

What Are The Different Types Of Candies Available?

With a mouth-watering introduction up there, you are compelled to learn more about such candies. The divine rewards of eating candies cannot be experienced with one flavor or one candy alone; it is a must to try at least a handful of them over and over. Here in this section, we bring to you the various types of candies available out there. Be sure to try all of them if you want your tastebuds to experience heaven on Earth.

  • Caramels

Caramel candies, or simply caramels, more commonly known as "toffees", are chewy candies with a soft core. These candies are made by boiling sugar along with butter, cream, and extracts of various flavors, like vanilla. The mixture is boiled until the sugar melts and the other ingredients are held together. Caramel candies owe their external beauty to the lustrous and smooth texture of their surface when cooled.

  • Chocolate candies

  • These confections are made by adding chocolate to candy. The aroma and taste of these candies are exquisite, and they graciously light up your mouth as soon as you put them in them. Chocolate is so versatile that it can be used as the principal ingredient as well as a coating on top of other candies.

    Gummy candies are unique combinations of chewy, jelly-like, gelatine candies along with sweeteners. The flexible shape of a gum candy allows it to be served in any shape possible. We have all seen gum candies served as teddy bears, airplanes, long strips, or in the shapes of other animals.

  • Hard candies 

  • These are sugar confectionery served in a hard, glassy state. These candies are not chewed but sucked, keeping our mouths full of their sweet syrup for longer durations. These candies are also served in various shapes with beautiful textures and colors. They have a bad reputation for leaving your tongue and teeth colored, which is also their best feature. Lollipops are one of the most popular and widely used hard candies. The best part about hard candies is that they can be made out of caramel and other candies; they are the best of both worlds.

  • Liquorice 

  • These candies are semi-soft and are colored black or red. They taste like cherries, strawberries, or licorice. These candies not only allow you to relish their sweetness but also provide additional health benefits like easier digestion, lower cholesterol, and relief for the respiratory system. However, excess consumption of this candy can lead to troubles related to the heart since it reduces the concentration of certain electrolytes.

  • Chewing gums 

  • Chewing gum is the most popular and most usable type of candy. They not only provide a sweet and juicy sensation but also exercise your jaw, make you alert, and help improve your memory. Chewing gums are soft candies that are meant to be chewed for prolonged periods; they must not be swallowed as they stick to any substance when wet and solidify after drying up. Chewing gums are used by everyone, from small children to extreme athletes; this demonstrates the versatility and usefulness of a gum.

    There are tens and hundreds of other varieties of candy; if you wish to check out more candies and even buy some of the best ones in bulk, do check out candyville.com. They are one of the best wholesale candy suppliers in Canada.

    Why Is Shopping For Candy Online Better Than Walking Into Stores?

    With a mouth-watering intro and a description of candies that make your tummy rumble, we’re sure that you are now craving to experience the divine sensations of chewing candy. But before you go out and buy a pocketful of candies for yourself, you must understand that shopping for candies online is much better.

    Yes, we know you love the aroma of the candy store, and the sight of so many candies waiting to light up your mouth makes your brain go into a frenzy. But you can never be sure that the candies stored in front of you are fit to consume and have been stored safely, away from all the germs and touches of other shoppers. Candy is delightful yet sensitive; their coatings are sticky, thereby allowing dust to latch onto them unless washed away. Shopping online eliminates all of these problems and provides you with candy in its purest form.

    • Quality

    Candy distributors do not have to worry about storing their candies in an attractive way; their job is to store the candy in the safest of ways and transport it in a sealed package. Their quality storage and packing preserve the deliciousness of your candies so that when you eat them, they’re as good as new.

  • Freshness 

  • Candy in distribution centers is stored in a safe pack. Their expiry dates are carefully noted, and two or more packets of candy with different expiry dates or tastes are never mixed. This is one factor that candy stores fail to take care of. Candy contains sensitive ingredients; they’re heavenly when fresh but equally disastrous when stale.

  • Segregation 

  • As mentioned previously, candies are segregated on the basis of various properties like taste, ingredients, color, and expiration date. If two candies with contradicting properties are mixed, they both get ruined. This factor is taken care of by online distributors.

  • It’s easy to look for your specific needs

  • When you’re in a candy store, searching for your favorite candy can be difficult at times, given the large crowds that are present and the similarities among so many of the candies. With online shopping, you are provided with accurate images and names of every candy, thereby making it easier to find the one you’ve been looking for.

  • Explore new varieties 

  • Since you don’t have to worry about other people yelling at you for taking too long, you can peacefully check out all of the other candies available and order the ones you love.

    Although online shopping feels reliable after reading this section, there could be rare cases where the online distributor needs to store and pack the candies up to the prescribed level of hygiene. To keep such problems at bay, you must buy from one of the most trusted and verified candy distributors. We can vouch for Candy Ville; they are trusted candy distributors in Canada and also have outlets in other countries.

    Do Candies Have Health Benefits?

    When we hear the word "candy", apart from their colorful shapes, we are also reminded of the dentist and cavities. Candy can cause cavities and other dental problems if and only if it is used beyond its safety limit and the mouth isn’t taken care of after eating.

    While not all candies might have some really helpful health benefits, candies like licorice and chocolate candies possess a variety of health benefits. We discussed the benefits of licorice candy in a recent section; now we shall look at the benefits of chocolate candy.

  • Helps the immune system 

  • Chocolate candies contain chemicals called flavonols; these same chemicals are also present in fruits and vegetables. This helps our immune system maintain a balance among hormones when disrupted by disease-causing bacteria.

  • Helps control diabetes 

  • Natural chocolate, without sweeteners, contains chemicals that improve our body cells’ response to insulin, thereby keeping the risk of diabetes under control.

  • Enhances brain function

  • The flavonols present in chocolate also improve the blood flow to our brain, thereby improving our awareness, memory, and reflexes.

  • Reduces stress 

  • We all know this because chocolate-based products are our go-to food items when under stress. Chocolate reduces the excessive stress we experience by influencing the concentration of stress-related hormones.

    How Can We Help Improve Your Experience With Candy?

    Candy Ville, the candy store that will make you want more, is an online supplier that provides the best wholesale candy in Canada. With various outlets in other countries and even more opening soon, we guarantee to provide you with a wide range of American and British confectionery at the lowest guaranteed price.

    Check out our wide collection of candies, from chocolates, gum, and berries to pep bags, theater boxes, and mints on candyville.com. Our candies can restore the sweetness in your life when it gets sour!

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