Enjoy Colorful and Attractive Haribo and Jelly Belly Candies for Every Season and Occasion

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There is not a single person on the planet who does not like the sweet taste of candies. Candies are the ideal fruity food for those who have eaten sour or spicy foods. It can also brighten the mood of anyone at any time.

Whether you are looking for a refreshing taste in the hot summer weather or a heart warming gift for your valentine on valentine Day, Haribo and jelly belly candies are the best for every occasion and season. 

Haribo and Jelly belly candy are popular candy brands throughout the world. You can even buy them from  Candy Distributors in Canada. It means that these companies are delighting generations from a few years ago.

If you want to learn about Haribo and Jelly belly candies, you must read this article. It will give you a deep dive into the world of Haribo and Jelly Belly candies. You will get details about these candies' flavors, history, and unique features that distinguish them from their competitors.

Haribo Candies- Overview

Haribo Candies is among the oldest candy suppliers in the world. It is a German confectionery or candy manufacturer founded by Hans Riegel Sr. The company created its first gummy candy in 1960 in the form of a bear gummy named Gummibarchen. Nowadays, the company is a supplier of a variety of candies throughout the world.

Haribo Canada is most known for its assortments of gummies, like Happy Colas and Twin Snakes. Moreover, they also make jelly beans that are too tasty.

The company walked into the UK sweets market by grabbing Dunhill, a manufacturer of licorice Pontefract cakes,  in 1992. These candies entered the US market in 1982. Moreover, the company plans to expand its business to China and Brazil.

Goldbears is the best-selling gummies of the Haribo candies. Moreover, more than 24 flavors of Haribo candies are available, making most people worldwide happy. 

Flavors Of Haribo Candies

Haribo Canada is a favorite choice for holidays and occasions as it manufactures candies and jellies in bright and attractive packages. Most people need clarification about which Haribo product they choose because all Haribo candies flavors are too tasty. Below are the top Haribo flavors that are the best for each occasion or season -

  • Haribo Fruit Salad 

Haribo Fruit Salad is Haribo's tastiest and healthiest gummy candy. It is a delicious sugar-dusted gummy with cherry, peach, orange, lemon, grapefruits, and passionfruit. The fans of these candies agree that their flavor is the same as their texture.

  • Haribo Happy Cola 

Haribo happy cola takes you to the Coca-Cola world, which delivers that carbonated cola sensation and extra tang. 

  • Gold Bears
    Haribo gold bears are the reason behind the popularity of Haribo in the world because most are selling gummies of these candies. It combines flavors like strawberries, raspberry, orange, and lemon. The sweetness of these candies is just right for all aged people and can leave their taste in your mind. It means anyone can remember the taste of these candies when they hear about Haribo. 
  • Funtastic Mix 

Funtastic Mix is a "sweet and playful" assortment of vibrant gummies in unusual shapes, delivered in the fun flavor combinations that have made Haribo a global hit.

Jelly Belly Candies - Overview

Jelly Belly, also formerly known as Geolitz confectionery company and Herman Geolitz candy company, is a leading manufacturer of jelly and other candies. 

The company is a hub of a variety of tasty candies and hubbies that can be a perfect choice for each kind of celebration. These candies come in beautiful and unique sets of colors that make them a perfect reason to add to your celebration ingredients. 

These candies can be used as a gift for your loved one. You can also use these candies for decorating your dining table for any occasion because these candies can bring a feature of uniqueness and attraction to your dining table. 

The best part of these candies is that they come in small sizes and taste flavors, making them perfect for those with a diabetic issue. But remember, only one candy for a diabetic patient is far enough. However, you must consult your doctor about eating these candies.

Flavors Of Jelly Belly Candies

Jelly Belly candies, readily available from Wholesale Candy Suppliers in Canada, are the most popular candy brand in Canada and the world. The reason behind it is they offer a wide variety of candies that makes its fans challenging to choose a particular candy for them. Below are the top Jelly Belly candies-

  • Cocktail Classic  

Jelly Belly cocktail classic is the ideal candy to make your every hour happy. These candies come in a flavor of pineapple, orange, lemon, and more flavors.

  • 50 Flavors Jelly Belly Tin 

50 flavors Jelly Belly tin is another tastiest candy with flavors for everyone. As the name suggests, it comes in over 50 flavors, including green apple: watermelon, lemon-lime, and more.

  • Ice Cream Mix 

Jelly belly ice cream mix is another candy perfect for ice cream lovers because it has a flavor of strawberry ice cream. Moreover, you will get the flavor of chocolate chunks, apple pie, and more along with these candies. 

Why Haribo And Jelly Belly Candies Are Famous?

Haribo and Jelly Belly are among the most popular candies in the world. The common reason behind the popularity of these candies manufacturers is their unique taste and attractive color, shape, and size.

The particular reason behind the massive popularity of Haribo Canada is the consistency and quality of the candy. Moreover, excellent product marketing is another strong reason behind the popularity of Harribo candy throughout the world. 

In comparison, Jelly Belly uses real cherry juice to form the candy, which is among the top reasons behind the popularity of these candies. Moreover, these candies come in small sizes and unique shapes, which is another reason for these candies' popularity.

Is It Safe To Consume Candies Frequently?

Indeed, if a human eats enough candy, it can drastically affect their blood sugar levels. But eating candies on a limit can provide you with several health benefits. Below are the top benefits that you can get from eating candy after purchasing from Candy Distributors in Canada-

  • Boosts focus - The human brain requires sugar, especially glucose, to work effectively. Glucose can help you complete tasks that require a lot of willpower. You can feel dizzy, forgetful, and froggy when your glucose level becomes low. Eating candies can help you to boost your focus.
  • Cheer up - eating candies can improve your mood, stress level, and more. Keep reading if you want to know how candies can make you happy.
  • Improve cough - Vagus nerve is among the top reason for the cough. When this nerve gets irritated, it causes a cough. Chocolate can calm the Vagus nerve and relieve the person with cough.
  • Improve digestion - eating candies can also help you improve the human digestive system. It can help with gas, bloating, and nausea. Candy with peppermint and ginger can be more effective in working against a lousy digestive system.
  • Improve cancer - some candies, like cocoa beans, can also help with cancer. A researcher at a George Town University affiliate proved that candies significantly benefit cancer patients. GECGC is a chemical found in these candies that is most effective for cancer.
  • Live longer - several studies proved that a person who eats a  few candies in a month lives longer than one who does not eat.  The antioxidant phenol is the chemical that absorbs free radicals that cause serious to your body. Candies, including chocolates, can reduce lipoprotein and phenol, improving cholesterol levels. These candies can also improve the immune system. 

How Can Candies Make You Happy?

There is no doubt that candies are eaten on every special occasion. This is because these candies can boost anyone's mood and make them happy. Let us understand the scientific reasons behind the fact.

When someone eats candy, the sugar of the candy goes to the stomach. The sugar is then transferred to the bloodstream, immediately transferring to the brain. 

The brain uses 50 percent of sugar energy because sugar release dopamine in the nucleus accumbens. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a vital role in controlling emotional response. 

It can also be visual and achieve a reward that can help you make happy. Sugar can also release endogenous opioids responsible for the exquisite pleasure you feel when you eat candy.


Haribo and Jelly Belly candies are readily available in the US and UK. you can purchase these candies from your nearest Wholesale Candy Suppliers in Canada. Candy Ville is a great option to buy these candies. It is an online platform that offers candies and other confectionary-related items. They deal in both retail and wholesale products. To buy your favorite Haribo and Jelly Belly Candies, rush to Candy Ville now!

Haribo Canada and Jelly Belly are among the leading candies manufacturers. These candies are the perfect solution for celebrating an occasion or festival. These candies are also the best option for a gift for your loved one. These candies are the best option for decoration due to their appearance and color.

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