Easter Candies for Kids: Fun and Creative Way to Make the Holidays Memorable

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The Easter holiday honours the rebirth of Christ, which is believed to have happened in the late first century AD on the third day after Jesus' burial at Calvary. Easter Sunday, or Pascha, is another name for Easter in Latin, Aramaic, and Greek. 

One of the central beliefs in Christianity is the supernatural rebirth of Jesus from the dead, which is celebrated on Easter. The fact that Jesus rose from the dead confirmed his status as God's Son, and it serves as evidence that the world will be judged fairly by God.

The dates of Easter and its associated holidays, which do not always fall on the same day, are determined by a lunisolar calendar (solar year plus moon phase), which is similar to the Hebrew calendar.

Public holidays are also offered during the week of Easter. The entire week is marked by a variety of rituals and celebrations; as a whole, it is a grand occasion.

You would have heard that eggs hold great significance during Easter. Right? Ever thought about why? Well, here's the answer: 

Eggs simply symbolize new life and rebirth. In ancient times, people always used to exchange eggs at spring events to welcome the start of the spring season. However, in the modern world, people even decorate eggs before sharing them with others. This decoration is done in such a manner that the eggs still remain eatable. Eatable dyes and whipped cream are some popular options for decorating eggs. 

Candies are another option that is widely used to share joy and enjoy the festival of Easter. In the modern world, candies are available in several Easter-centric shapes like eggs and the bunny. They are a great replacement for the ancient practice of exchanging eggs. Such candies can be ordered from specialized candy distributors. Looking for wholesale candy in Canada? Go for none other than Candy Ville. It is one of the most trustable candy platforms that offer a variety of products under one roof. Reach out to us at www.candyville.ca.

Top Candy Recommendations for Kids

  • Chocolate Easter bunnies 

They are a traditional Easter treat that should be included in every Easter basket. Easter bunnies are made of chocolate and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavours. White, milk, and dark chocolate are the most popular types of chocolate used to make them. Along with being delicious, chocolate Easter bunnies are enjoyable to decorate and personalize with different toppings like frosting, candies, and sprinkles.

  • Jelly beans

 Jelly beans are a vibrant, sweet treat with a wide range of flavours. Sugar, corn syrup, and starch are used to make jelly beans, which are frequently flavoured with natural or artificial flavours. Cherry, blueberry, grape, lemon, lime, and watermelon are just a few of the many hues and flavours available in jelly beans. For Easter egg hunts, jelly beans are a well-liked candy.

  • Marshmallow Peeps 

A traditional Easter treat is incomplete without a marshmallow treat shaped like a chick or a bunny. Over time, Peeps have evolved into a variety of shapes and colors, including bunnies, ducks, and even Christmas trees. The original Peeps were yellow marshmallows in the form of chicks that were dusted with sugar. Children frequently enjoy Peeps because of their soft, chewy texture and ingredients like marshmallows, sugar, and food colouring.

  • Easter Eggs 

Chocolate lovers can rejoice because these eggs are the perfect combination of chocolate combined with other elements like caramel, peanut butter, and nougat. Inside the milk chocolate-covered eggs is a filling made of creamy peanut butter. Popular Easter candy Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs are frequently included in Easter baskets or given as gifts. Now, you can easily buy Reese’s peanut butter eggs from www.candyville.com. They even have a wide variety of other chocolates and candies. Hurry, check them out right now!

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Well, while enjoying delicious candies, and other enjoyable activities that involve both children and parents if merged, The entire family will be content and happy. Here are such few such ways to celebrate Easter together:

Fun & Creative Ways to Make The Holiday Season Memorable

To enjoy the holidays to the fullest, you must have a plan of what to do throughout the period. Well, the best way to enjoy the holidays is to spend them doing fun and creative activities with your family and loved ones. Here are some of our top recommendations for you to potentially follow this holiday season.

1. Easter Egg Hunting

 Easter egg hunts are among the most fun-loving activities associated with Easter. It allows the kids to hunt for Easter eggs filled with candy and treats that are buried around your backyard or home. The fun can be increased by creating hints and puzzles that lead to the eggs.

2. Making Crafts During Easter

 Children can express their creativity while having fun with Easter crafts. In addition to decorating eggs and making crafts with an Easter theme like bunny masks and chick finger puppets, children can also make Easter cards. This will even spark the inner creativity of the children. As a parent or an elder sibling, you can always help the younger ones with this task. 

3. Baking With Kids and Family

Who doesn’t loves cakes and sweets that too Easter-themed? Bunny-shaped cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are among the baked goods with an Easter theme. Family members can then enjoy the treats after helping out with the mixing, measuring, and decorating. This occasional cooking lesson for children would be highly beneficial for them in the future.

4. Playing Easter-Related Games 

Egg tossing and pinning the tail on the bunny are two Easter-themed games that can be played with kids. Other suggestions include creating a scavenger hunt with an Easter theme or playing a dumb charades game with an Easter theme.

5. Organize a Movie Night

Watch a movie related to Easter while cuddling up with the kids. You can choose from older films like “It's the Easter Beagle” or even recent films like “Peter Rabbit”. Make some popcorn and enjoy the movie together with your friends and family.

6. An Easter Storytelling Session

The significance of Easter in the Christian faith can be explained to the young ones of the family through stories or readings about the resurrection. You could also perform a stage play with Easter-themed costumes and props. This is a fantastic way to instill compassion, kindness, and forgiveness in children.

7. Spark the artist inside you 

Every young individual, whether a child or an adult, is eager to discover new talents and eager to demonstrate them. Making a happy occasion and involving everyone in the process is important. For example, you may indulge in a painting session. If one is not that skilled at it then, they may go for simple painting options like sponge painting.

8. Make Easter Centric Cards

Use stencils, crayons, colours, and stickers to make personalized cards. This should primarily be done by children but even elder ones should make one or two cards. Once the cards are made, you may distribute them to your family members, friends, and other loved ones to wish them “Happy Easter”.

9. Easter Activity Sheets

If as a parent, you are quite stressed out with the load of work during the festive season, you may consider buying your kid some Easter Activity sheets. They are sheets with Easter themed activities printed on them. For example, Easter-themed drawings may be made on the sheet and children may just need to colour them. 


So the above were some of the cool ways to enjoy the Easter season. The significance of Easter candies was even discussed. Many of us look forward to the sweet treats that come with the Easter season as it draws closer. When it comes to Easter candies, there are many delectable options to choose from, from traditional chocolate bunnies to vibrant jelly beans. The joy of giving and receiving Easter candy should also not be overlooked. Candy can make anyone happy, whether it's a small gift tucked into a child's Easter basket or a larger present for a loved one.

Of course, it's crucial to select Easter candy that complies with your dietary requirements and personal principles. Options that are vegan, gluten-free, or made with natural ingredients are readily available from many brands.

Just keep it in mind to make wise decisions and enjoy every bite!

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