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Have you heard that 1 in 4 American adults consumes candy on a daily basis or more? Who doesn't enjoy some sweet candy love? Or perhaps even some sour fun that tingles up your senses. And you know what they say, there's nothing like too much chocolate. Bulk chocolate in Canada is never a bad idea. 

You can't get enough of the delicacies if you're anything like the rest of us. It can be difficult to decide which candy bar is best when there are so many options available in the market. The number of people who enjoy a nice and fulfilling candy bar is endless. There is absolutely nothing better than removing a candy bar's packaging and relishing in all of its deliciousness, whether it is Halloween, Christmas, New Year's Eve, the holiday season, or simply a regular day at work. 

Every candy bar offers a new and distinctive experience. The perfect one hits all your taste buds at the right time with the right amount of intensity. The fact that consuming candy can cause you to feel good and joyful cannot be disputed, though. It depends on taste and preferences whether someone has a particular favourite type of candy bar or not. Wholesale candy distributors in Alberta have been a true saviour when it comes to expanding your candy collection without breaking the bank. 

Check out Candyville's selection of the best candy companies to indulge in something sweet and delicious.

1. Trolli 

trolli candy

Before establishing a headquarters in the United States in 1986, Trolli began its delicious innovation in Germany in 1981. This well-known gummy candy company holds the distinction of having invented the original gummy worms, which became well-known for having such an amusing and distinctive shape! If you've ever taken one of these tasty worms into your mouth, you're familiar with the distinctively fruity flavour that only Trolli candy gummy worms, sometimes known as "Crawlers," can bless you with.

Trolli candy has expanded into many different shapes and flavours, so it's not just worms. Trolli's inventive and creative minds have now given us a wide variety of sour candies to choose from as well as fun gummy bear shapes like llamas and sloths. 

Wholesale candy distributors in Alberta, Canada, have testified that people especially love the creative, flavour-exploding Bursting Crawlers and Crunchy Crawlers with a hard candy shell!

Your clients will discover a brand-new beloved gummy candy with Trolli Candy quickly, thanks to our huge selection!

2. Reese’s Chocolate


One of the most sought-after all-time favourite, well-known confectionery brands! Who could turn away from something so lovely? It's a match made in confectionery heaven when peanut butter and chocolate are involved!

When H.B. Reese invented the first Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in 1928, this delectably dynamic combo was born. He made a commitment to only use the best Hershey's chocolate while working in M. Hershey's plant at first, and he finally left to concentrate only on his own PB&C creations. Currently, Hershey's owns and continues to make Reese's delicious candies.

Reese's Pieces candy, which had already garnered recognition, would become popular when it was featured in the beloved cult film E.T., a chance Hershey's passed up for M&Ms out of worry that kids would fear E.T. Products from Reeses are a popular delicacy in every country today! And Canada is no exception to their sweet appeal. There's no second opinion that one of the favourites in Bulk chocolate in Canada is the well-known Peanut Butter Cup, but we also like Reese's Big Cup Stuffed with Potato Chips, Reese's Take Five, and Reese's Snack Cake.

Even the tiny piece of chocolate that gets stuck mostly on the wrapper can start food fights for the last taste of chocolate-y heaven!

3. Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids

Enough with the sweets and chocolates; let's twist it up! And we dare you to resist a twist like that! Frank Galatolie of Jaret International invented Sour Patch Kids Candy, formerly known as "Mars Men," in the 1970s. 

Later, the Allan Candy Company, based in Hamilton, Ontario, was established through a partnership between Cadbury and the Smeera Blyton Licorice Company of Sweden. These young and passionate minds made their debut in 1985, and we excitedly loaded our hands and deep pockets with them. Do we regret it? Not a chance! 

These little treats have even embedded themselves in vanilla ice cream for the ideal flavour party in the mouths of all candy lovers! Your bulk candy collection in Canada wouldn't be complete without them because they are now a classic retro treat available in a variety of flavours.

Wholesale candy distributors' in Alberta have reported that the people's favourite sour candy is the classic Sour Patch Kids. Still, we also love the new Sour Patch Kids Cola and the best-kept Canadian secret, Sour Cherry Blasters!

4. Snickers 


When you're hungry, "you're not you," and this classic chocolate bar has established its popularity on the very core of that notion! And boy, they sure do get brownie points for their excellent marketing strategy! 

Frank Mars loved baking with his mother when he was younger, and he carried on this sentimental tradition with his high school sweetheart wife, Ethel. As the creators of Mars Inc., this sugar-loving pair set out on a sweet journey in the confectionery industry.

The Snickers milk chocolate bar first came into being in 1930, delightfully dripping with caramel, nougat, and peanuts. Horses were another one of Mars' interests, so they gave their new bar the name of Snickers, their favourite racehorse. This candy bar has evolved throughout the years into many shapes, flavours, and even ice cream! Any collection of bulk chocolate in Canada is incomplete without these Snickers bars! 

The Candy Pop Snickers Popcorn, the Snickers Peanut Brownie, and our most recent passion, the Snickers White Chocolate candy bar, are some of our favourite Snickers items. Even at fairs and carnivals, Snickers are offered battered and deep-fried as the ideal hangry remedy!

5. Hubba Bubba Bubblegum

Hubba Bubba Bubblegum

Canadians have been gorging on this delicious food for a ridiculously long time! The 1979 release of Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum by Wrigley Jr. Company revolutionised the candy industry. This pink delicacy is renowned for being consistently intensely juicy and contains the promise of enormous, enchanted bubbles in each wad of gum! 

The Wrigley Jr. Company once produced soap, but it wasn't particularly popular. As a result, they turned to chewing gum, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for all the bubblegum lovers. Unexpectedly, this endeavour was so successful that it forced Wrigley to build two new, sizable plants to produce bubble gum. They decided to develop Hubba Bubba gum with a lot less sticky feel after the success of the original Spearmint gum and Juicy Fruit gum, which is ideal for scraping off your face after one of those huge luscious bubbles! This gum has undoubtedly been a heart winner for people from all age groups, and wholesale candy distributors in Alberta ensure these gums are never short in the stock.

  Nothing compares to the classic Hubba Bubba Bubblegum nostalgic sweet, but we also adore the hilarious Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape and the zingy Hubba Bubba Sour Blue Raspberry. Most fans are really just in love with the enormous, bouncing bubbles that all of the Hubba Bubba bubble gum produces!

6. bubblegum frog 

bubblegum frog

Children who like playing with their food as much as they do eating it are particularly fond of green frogs. Each piece is shaped like a solid frog with tapering legs, webbed feet, and a hefty torso. Subtle texture on the back gives it the appearance of actual frog skin. Our bulk bubble-gum frog gummies are a gorgeous shade of green. By giving children frog gummies as a reward, educators may motivate pupils to study science. Additionally entertaining for cake decorating endeavours, these wholesale bubblegum frog canada.

Final Words:

There is so much more, where that came from. As the most trusted  Wholesale candy distributor in Alberta- has explored a plethora of delectable opportunities in the candy world. We have scoured the depths of what our people love the most and brought together a massive collection of everything they love and cherish under one roof. From American to European chocolates, candies, gummies, and more, we have the best of the best. Place your bulk candy order online today and bloom your business with the rapidly increasing demand for high-quality confectionery. 

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