Top 5 Best Candy Buffet Ideas For Your Christmas Party

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If we ask you whether you like candy or not, what would you say? Well, most probably you'd say "yes, I do". Of course, who doesn't like candies? And, if we talk about a candy buffet, it'd be even better, right? Yes, we understand how you feel! We can't deny the fact that almost everyone loves candy and candy buffet tables for your Christmas party will surely provide a delicious dessert option for everyone present.

Your visitors will enjoy selecting their own delights. Moreover, you won't have to stress about making a gorgeous dessert at the Christmas party. As a result, your party will become the talk of the town! The best thing is that a gorgeous candy buffet booth can serve as both party decor and food. Additionally, they can double as party favors if you give your visitors festive treat bags to load up on their way out. What a win-win situation, isn't it? This is why we are going to discuss the 5 best candy buffet ideas for a Christmas party in this blog, so keep reading. 

Arranging A Candy Buffet Table: How To Do It The Right Way? 

Never arranged a candy buffet table ever? Worry not! It's not a difficult task! We are here to guide you through arranging the perfect candy buffet this Christmas. Many delicious goodies and candies are the main items you'll need for your candy buffet. 

You can pick candies that come in a range of forms, dimensions, and textures. Sugary alternatives like marshmallows, gummy candies, popsicles, rock candy, gummy bears, and old-fashioned stick candies are always popular options. But, at the same time, don't overlook chocolate-flavored goodies like chocolate balls, chocolate-coated pretzels, and scrumptious chocolate-covered strawberries.

Other than candies, you'll need a table that can handle all of your sweet delights when it comes to exhibiting your candy. For your exhibit, you'll need a straightforward backdrop in complementary colors. Along with all this, you might get the desired effect with balloons, decorations, or ribbons, but don't be afraid to get creative and utilize your creativity. Keep in mind that you can use jars of various sizes and shapes to showcase your candy. You can go for glass jars, plates, glass bowls, attractive trays, and even stands to exhibit your candies. 

Organizing Candy Buffet: Top 5 Ideas For Christmas Party This Year

Is it that you are planning to organize a candy buffet but looking for some interesting themes and ideas for it? If yes, we are here for the rescue! Let us have a look at some crazy candy buffet ideas! 

1. Yo Gabba Gabba! Themed Buffet

Yo gabba gabba

For those who don't know, Yo Gabba Gabba! is a well-liked children's programme on Nick Jr. that includes characters dressed in flashy, outrageous costumes and colorful beasts. We know some of you might feel like it's a bit childish, but don't we all just have a little kid hidden somewhere within us? Of course, there is! Wondering what this buffet is all about? Well, it offers a range of sweets connected to various show characters, including Muno's Jelly Belly Oskee Bugs and many others. Sounds interesting? So, you should absolutely think about including it in the next Christmas party you throw because it's simple and quite enjoyable.

2. The Big Christmas  Candy Buffet


What is the point of having a Christmas candy buffet if it doesn't have a red and white-themed big Christmas candy buffet? You can include myriads of varieties like a cupcake tower, spiral lollipops, miniature cotton candy milkshakes, and a range of gingerbread people in this buffet. We know that it might appear to be of professional quality, but you can make it yourself with some help from online articles and videos. Also, don't forget to have the plates, bowls, jars, and trays decorated in red and white colors.

3. The Glam Snow Candy Buffet


What's the meaning of glam snow candy? Well, obviously it's related to winter as that's when we celebrate Christmas, don't we? Just like even a bit of snowfall can enhance the joy of Christmas, this glam snowy candy buffet will enhance the beauty of your Christmas party. Wondering what you can put on the table for the guests to pick from? You can go for some frosted cookies, a snowball-like cake, coconut snow cupcakes, and some attractive candies. If you decide to choose this idea, it's surely going to be the center of attraction at your party. 

4. The Vintage Candy Buffet 

vintage candy

What would your reaction be if we say that Vintage is the new trend? Of course, it is! So, for a moment, let's put aside the fact that vintage looks old-fashioned. Vintage-style gatherings are currently very popular, so if you decide to host a Christmas party this year, you should absolutely include an old-fashioned sweets buffet. Even though it is all-white or off-white themed, it looks quite attractive. In this vintage-style candy buffet, you can exhibit scrumptious meringues, sweetened almonds, cupcakes, some rock candies, and numerous huge peacock feathers. Do this and see how your guests are going to be all impressed and awe-struck. 

5. The French-themed Candy Buffet


There is no denying the fact that a French-themed buffet will always seem sweet at a classy yet decent Christmas party. Especially if you decide to have an outdoor party, its beauty and effects will increase to another level leaving your guests impressed with your creativity. You can go for minimal offerings on your French-themed Candy buffet table with some delicious cupcakes, meringues, and eye-catching candies. And, along with this, having the table decorated with some bright flowers can add to its beauty. The fragrance of the sweets and flowers will make your guests go Gaga over your Christmas party. 

How To Organize A Candy Buffet Economically? 

Now that we have told you about some crazy candy buffet ideas, don't just go and overspend on all the things required when you can do it in a budget-friendly manner. Moreover, there are people who might be wanting to organize a candy buffet but on a low budget. So, for those, we are going to share some tips through which you can make sure that you organize your candy buffet this Christmas while saving money. 

  • Buy candies early: Always remember that it's a good idea to buy candies for your candy buffet on time so that you don't have to pay more money. 

  • Don't invest in unwanted jars: One mistake that people generally make is purchasing too many jars in excitement but never do it. Determine the number of jars, trays, and bowls you are going to need and then buy them accordingly.

  • Explore first, then buy: Always keep in mind that you don't have to buy from the first shop you find. You should rather explore some shops, ask for the pricing, and then buy from the one that is most budget-friendly and worth it. 

  • Choose the right types of jar: Before putting your money in jars, ascertain their type and shape. Because there is no use in investing in a jar that you won't exhibit in your home.

  • Consider investing in different heights of jar: Most people tend to agree that mixing jar heights and sizes makes candy buffets look nicer. So, you can start by using large jars for larger candies and smaller jars for other products. Furthermore you can think about raising some of the jars off the table to change their height.

  • Buy the right tools for serving: Now let's consider the extra items you'll need, beginning with scoops, spatulas and tongs. Who would want folks to pick up their candy with their hands? The first thing you should consider is choosing the right size for the tool as if it is going to be bigger than the jar it won't fit in. Second, nothing is better than plastic tools as the metal ones can be dangerous. Third is to say yes to tongs!

  • Never buy in excess: This is something very necessary to keep in mind. Don't overbuy! Why? Well, because no one wants to eat a lot of candies. Plus, people have specific choices, some might like only this candy or that. 

  • Try personalizing the buffet: There are many ways to personalize your candy buffet, regardless of the candies, jars, or theme you choose. Using jar labels is one of the most widely used options. These are tags that you stick on the jar to list the candy within. You can make your own labels if you consider yourself to be a great artist.

The Bottom Line

All in all, we can say that candy buffet is trending nowadays as it's something that everyone loves. And Canadians love Christmas, so they give their best for the celebration! Now, if you're planning for a Christmas candy buffet this December then buy candies from Candy Ville which is one of the leading wholesale bulk candy suppliers in Canada

Truly speaking if you are someone looking forward to making your Christmas party more happening, go for a nice themed candy buffet. And, don't forget to keep the tips we mentioned in mind and have a Merry Christmas! 

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