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As the world prepares itself to bid farewell to the rollercoaster of a year that was 2022, we are in for a time of merry and sweet times of celebration ahead. Be it Halloween, Christmas, or the grand New Year’s Eve; you simply cannot have too much candy stocked up. A reliable wholesale candy store in Alberta is the answer to your quest to find the perfect Candy haven.

Everybody has a favourite candy, whether it's a Cadbury chocolate bar or a vibrant bag of gummy bears. We bet you can discover your favourite from one of the most recognizable candy companies we like and have on our product panel. As the market for confectionery and chocolate wholesale in Canada continues to rise in popularity and thereby in demand, we are looking at all the amazing options you can cherish. Without all these delectable and well-known iconic candy brands, which we are counting down for all the end of the year celebrations, your store wouldn't be complete.

1. Haribo Gummies

Haribo Candies

Hans Riegel launched this vintage candy brand in Germany around the start of the 1920s. Mr Riegel was motivated to develop the now-famous Haribo gummies in 1922 by the adorable dancing bears he observed at markets and festivals. 

The "beary" happy Hans discovered himself to be the creator of the gummy bear, specifically, the Haribo Gold Bears. 

With their enjoyable fruity flavours, distinctive shapes, and textures, Haribo Candy is now a well-known gummy candy brand that has won the hearts and taste buds of candy enthusiasts all over the world! Our enormous assortment of Haribo Candy as the best wholesale candy store in Alberta will win your consumers over in a heartbeat! Everything you could possibly want is available in the "Happy World of Haribo"! Haribo Twin Snakes, Haribo Happy Cherries, Haribo Fizzy Cola, Haribo Smurfs, and many more are some of our favourites!

2. Pop Rocks 

pop rocks


This classic candy's excitement never gets old! The crackling, fizzing, and bursting are always thrilling!

William Mitchell, a food chemist, set out to create a tablet that would mix carbonated drinks but instead created one of history's most famous candies: Pop Rocks. This occurred in 1956, but it took another chemist 20 years to discover Mr Mitchell's alleged blunder. In 1975, after a few minor modifications, Pop Rocks candy was created! Pop Rocks Candy was an instant success all around the world! This fizzing retro treat is a need because it not only tastes great but also provides an amazing experience. The flavours Original Cherry, Blue Razz, and Bubble Gum are the ones we love the most. With your reliable wholesale candy distributors in Alberta, you can always be "poppin"! 

3. Cadbury


Although John Cadbury founded the company in England in 1824, it subsequently joined what is now known as Mondelez International. 

At 277 Gladstone Avenue, we now have our very own Cadbury factory—possibly the nicest place in all of Ontario!

A must-have brand of chocolate candies has been Cadbury Canada over the years. It is particularly well-known for its Dairy Milk Cadbury Chocolate Bars in unique and cutting-edge flavours. Despite the possibility that we are partial, we also can't get enough of these other beloved Canadian treats: Cadbury Crispy Crunch, Cadbury Crunchie, and the legendary Wunderbar.

4. Airheads 


This silky candy that resembles taffy was developed in 1985 by Steve Bruner of the original "Van Melle" business. Steve asked his sons one night what their friends named them when they acted goofy because he knew the moniker would be significant. All Steve needed to hear was one of them shout, "Airheads!" All these years later, we can say that he was on the money when he said it was amusing and memorable.

When Airheads initially entered the candy industry, there was just one bland flavour offered: red. The Airheads range now comes in a variety of flavours, including Airheads Bites Paradise Blends Candy, Airheads Xtremes Belts Rainbow Berry, and even Airheads Candy Filled Ropes.

We completely concur with the adage, "The World Needs More Airheads." We all want to eat them, and wholesale candy store in Alberta online is the perfect place to satiate your cravings. 

5. PEZ Candy

pez candy

Unquestionably, PEZ Sweet is a candy brand that you must have in your candy shop. Pez was first a solid mint intended to help people quit smoking before becoming a sweet treat. In 1927, an Austrian man by the name of Eduard Haas III came up with the brilliant concept that you may reach for a mint instead of a cigarette! The German term for mint, "pfefferminz," was the original name of this sweet. In the end, it was shortened so that it could be readily pronounced by everyone.

When PEZ candy was introduced to America in 1953, it underwent a major transformation. In an effort to boost sales, they started utilizing lewd images of pin-up girls in their advertising. Up until they started marketing to children, a notoriously captive population, things weren't going so well. Sweet and fruity flavours have taken the place of the harsh mint flavour. They opted to offer a kid-friendly dispenser in addition to a total flavour makeover. Pez experienced significant growth in popularity as a result, which really transformed in 1963 when it established its most successful alliance alongside the most beloved Walt Disney Studios.

Since people started selling their legendary collections in the 1990s, Pez has become a major pop culture phenomenon. You never know; your PEZ dispenser might come in handy one day! And your go-to wholesale candy store in Alberta will be ready with your PEZ stock! 

6. Warheads


In Taiwan in 1975, Warheads Candy started their journey to become one of the most popular candies of all time. It wasn't until the 1990s that the Foreign Candy Company of Hull, Iowa brought these bad boys into the United States. In 2004, Impact Confections finally started producing them.

Warheads Candy became the new "it" sweet as soon as these sour candies emerged, utterly blowing everyone away! They're called following the front of a rocket, where the explosives are located. A rightly earned name for their explosive flavours. Thus, they're not for the light-hearted. If you've ever consumed a Warhead Candy, you know the name perfectly captures how they taste and feel!

Why might a Warhead rank among the sourest candies? The truth is, we do know a tiny bit about this closely-guarded confectionery secret. The sharp sourness that initially hits your tongue will gradually dissipate for 20 to 50 seconds before fading into a sweet pleasure. The wholesale candy store has Warheads Jelly Beans, Warheads Super Sour Double Drops, and Warheads Hotheads for a fiery spicy and sour experience in our assortment.

Pucker up and savour the consistently thrilling flavour of Warheads Sour Candy to round out your collection of sour candies!


The confectionary panel has a wide variety of delicious sweets, gummies, and chocolate. Our extensive selection of the most popular confectionary and chocolates will forever excite your taste senses.

Everything, including gummies, gum, taffy, chocolate, and candy bars, may be found in our online candy store. Candyville is here for any candy enthusiast as Canada's most well-known wholesale candy store in Alberta.

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