Sour Patch Kids Rwb Theater Box 3.1oz X 12 Units

Sour Patch Kids Rwb Theater Box 3.1oz X 12 Units

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Sour Patch Kids RWB Theater Box, a tantalizing treat that packs a punch of sour and sweet flavors. Brought to you by Candy Ville, this theater box is perfect for sharing or savoring all to yourself. Each box contains 3.1 ounces of mouth-watering goodness, and this bundle includes 12 units to keep you stocked up on this addictive candy.

Get ready to experience a taste sensation like no other. The Sour Patch Kids RWB Theater Box combines a tangy, sour exterior with a burst of fruity sweetness in every bite. These iconic candy treats are loved by kids and adults alike, and they are sure to bring a smile to your face.


  • Sugar: Adds a sweet touch to balance out the sourness and enhance the overall flavor.
  • Corn Syrup: Provides sweetness and helps to bind the ingredients together.
  • Modified Corn Starch: Contributes to the texture of the candy, giving it a satisfying chewiness.
  • Acidity Regulators: These ingredients help to create the signature sour taste of the candy.
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors: A blend of natural and artificial flavors gives the Sour Patch Kids their distinctive fruity taste.
  • Colors (Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 5): These vibrant colors make the candy visually appealing and add to the fun experience.
  • Carnauba Wax: Adds a subtle sheen and helps to prevent the candies from sticking together.

Whether you're enjoying a movie night at home, sharing with friends, or looking for a tangy treat to brighten your day, the Sour Patch Kids RWB Theater Box is the perfect choice. Grab a box (or twelve) and immerse yourself in the delightful combination of sour and sweet flavors that will keep you coming back for more. Get ready to pucker up and enjoy the ultimate candy experience with Sour Patch Kids.

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