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Pez candies, 0.87-ounce varied candy dispensers (pack of 12), PEZ is more than simply a candy. It's the creator of "interactive candy" that would be delightful to eat and amusing to play with. PEZ dispensers are a popular collection among both adults and children, as well as a mainstay of American society.

  • Each dispenser comes with three PEZ candy refill packets and is individually packaged.
  • Perfect for party favors, grab bags, or anyone who enjoys PEZ!
  • Each box has a different set of Nintendo characters: 0.87-ounce variety candy dispensers with Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, and Yoshi Pez candies (pack of 12) 

PEZ is more than just candy... it's the inventor of "interactive candy" that's fun to eat and works well as a collectible. Candyville has ample stock of these novelty delights! 


PEZ Candy

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sugar, corn syrup, adipic acid, hydrogenated palm kernel & palm oil, mono & diglycerides, natural & artificial flavors, artificial colors FD&C red 3,yellow 5,yellow 6,blue 2

Ingredients and nutrition facts mentioned by the manufacturer are subject to change as per the manufacturer. For current data, kindly refer to product labeling or directly contact the manufacturer.

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