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Candy turtles are here to win the race!


Each gummy is an ensemble of assorted flavors that features a cute turtle in shape and is soft and chewy. Gummies like this are great for parties and gift bags. These one-of-a-kind raspberry flavored gummy treats are fun to play with and quick to consume.

You may play, eat, or simply come up with new ways to have fun with these candies.


With these delicacies by their sides, all of our fellow banana lovers will have a serious adventure. Without tiny souvenirs of sugar delights, all of your parties, picnics, festivals, and gatherings would be incomplete.

Accept the immense pleasure of satisfying your sweet desires, and you'll soon find yourself the center of attention at every gathering. Expand your wholesale candy collection in Canada, buy these popular fun-filled boxes in bulk quantity.


Brand: Vidal Sassoon

Package information: Bag

Packet Weight: 1 Kg

Flavor: Raspberry

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