Bulk Albanese Assorted Mini Butterfly 5lb @150pcs/lb (Made in U.s.a)

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Quench the butterflies in your stomach the sweet way!

Albanese Mini Gummi Butterflies are a bite-sized variation of our Large Gummi Butterflies. You'll taste the massive hit of fruit flavors and a gentle crunch that you won't find in other gummy sweets with just one mouthful of these delectable fruity gummies.

The best part about these gummies is how these Albanese gummi candies burst with fresh fruit tastes. Whether you love them sweet or sour, big, or minor, you can have it all. And you can stock up with a bulk box of your favorite variety. 

Albanese gummy worms, gummy bears, and more will delight your taste buds!

Albanese various gummy candies are your new favorite sweet and soft snack because they're fat-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free. There's reason Albanese gummies are considered the greatest in the world, and we're confi dent you'll agree after you experience our deliciously fruity selection. These gummy candies are allergy-friendly snacks with a sweet, fruity flavor that everyone can enjoy. They're free of peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, MSG, gluten, and artificial sweeteners. Sweet gummies with a pleasing explosive flavor!

Buy these famous fun-filled bags in bulk to add to your wholesale candy collection in Canada. 




Mini Butterflies



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