Why We Give Chocolate for Valentine's Day

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Chocolate is pretty much synonymous with Valentine’s Day - in fact, February 14th is the third greatest vacation for both sweet as well as delicious bulk chocolate sales in Canada and other countries, equally as Easter has delicious chocolate bunnies, Xmas has candy walking canes, and Halloween has candy corn, the most enchanting day of the year has its very own trademark candies, like conversation hearts and, obviously, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.

The concept of offering delicious chocolates in heart-shaped boxes on Valentine's Day isn't unexpected. With chocolate being such a preferred pleasant treat, who wouldn't want to receive a box loaded with it from the one they like? But just how did this tradition actually get its beginning? From the historical origins of consumable chocolate to a lot more current marketing campaigns that transformed delicious chocolate into a Valentine's Day standard, keep checking out to learn about the background of Valentine's Day chocolate presents.

Chocolate in old times

Among the earliest recordings of delicious chocolate as a symbol of charming love originates from ancient history. The Mayans started making a type of "warm delicious chocolate" from cacao beans around 500 BCE. This warm chocolate was a vital part of several rituals, consisting of weddings, at which the couple would certainly trade sips of the drink to celebrate their union. Though it most likely really did not taste just like our hot cacao does today, it's a very early example of using chocolate to symbolize partnership.

The Aztecs also linked chocolate with love and also wish, believing that it was an aphrodisiac. Though modern scientific research does not support this theory, it nevertheless continued in the Americas and Europe, assisting in cementing delicious chocolate's reputation as an enthusiast's reward.

Valentine's Day delicious chocolate presents

Though the origins of Valentine's Day as a holiday are dirty, it had become rather preferred in Europe by the mid-19th century. Already, it was possible to generate cards and gifts cheaply, and also delicious chocolate had ended up being much more cost-effective to the public. Quickly sufficient, delicious chocolate went from being mostly drunk as a drink to being marketed in the forms of candies and delicious chocolate bars en masse, including around gift-giving holidays like Valentine's Day.

Cadbury makes history

Okay, so Valentine's Day delicious chocolates were a thing by the 1800s ... however were they constantly marketed in heart-shaped boxes? Not quite.

You can give thanks to England's cherished chocolate brand Cadbury for changing the globe of Valentine's Day chocolate gifts forever. In the 1860s, throughout the elevation of the Victorian era, Cadbury developed the really initial heart-shaped chocolate box. After the chocolates had actually been consumed, the boxes were meant to be used to store emotional products like love letters, gifts, or locks of hair, all popular practices in Victorian society. (While we would not recommend storing human hair in a delicious chocolate box, the Victorians at least had the best idea about reusing sweet containers!).

More than simply chocolate.

If your loved one wouldn't value a Valentine's Day chocolate gift, don't fret-- there's a universe of Valentine's Day candy to remind them just how sweet they are. Actually, you might even forego sweets entirely if your partner doesn't have a craving for sweets-- however, we hope that's not the case! For the daring craving for sweets, there's a lot more around than just delicious chocolates and also conversation hearts. So if you're searching for something a little out of the (delicious chocolate) box, look no further than the one-of-a-kind premium candies at Candy Ville.

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