Candy Hall of Fame: The 10 Sweetest Treats of All Time

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The love for snacking has developed for centuries now. people have been loving to give out candies and confectionaries for years now to commemorate love and peace. Children have always been fans of sweet delicacies like chocolates, candies, and toffies. The origin of big brands allowed us to reach such wonderful delicacies are cheaper prices for the quantity we like.

Is there anybody who does not like candies? Probably not. Even grown-ups these days love buying themselves a bar of candy that gives them the sugar kick that they need for the moment. Even elders love popping the occasional candy that allows them to enjoy sweets without having the guilt of ruining their diabetic health.

Chocolates and candies are an all-time best seller but some seasons aid in selling these at a rapid rate. Yes, holidays like Christmas, and Easter are when children and elders love buying themselves some sweet bites.

Halloween is yet another major holiday where kids go trick-or-treating. Buying massive quantities of candies has been a tradition for years now and this is not negotiable at all. Even today children follow this as a custom where they love knocking doors.

Thanksgiving is when people are grateful for everything they have in life and for everything that is yet to arrive. Christmas is the celebration of joy and festivities and thus, people love buying themed candies all the time!

Today we all have become very health conscious but we mostly do not pay attention to the benefits that we get from consumption of these delicacies. When consumed in a limited amount, anything can be beautiful and joyful!

The Origin Of Candies

Candies have been around for centuries, and their history has enriched our past so well. These little bites of heaven are always a delight to touch and their variety of flavours allows us to choose the best one to our taste.

The history of such confectionaries has grown so vast over the years and their evolving journey is a delight to know about. Even during those times when there were no fridges or baking facilities available, cookies and candies have always existed in their way. Their evolving journey into various flours, textures, and a lot of shapes has made it more joyous to purchase them.

Sweets surely have been around for years now and everybody loved indulging in them. In recent years, modern diseases like diabetes and others have led us to limit the consumption of sweets but we mostly seem to forget that they do have their health benefits when consumed in a safe quantity.

The origin of sweets dates back to 250 AD. During the times of ancient civilizations, honey was served as the main sweetener. As the years passed, Egyptians discovered how to make candy by combining honey and fruit juices, fascinating right?!

The initial sugar candies were developed in India during the 250 AD. Through boiling the pulp and juice of sugarcanes, a crystallized sugar candy came into existence. We all know that now sugar is a very essential ingredient for the production of candies. But did you know that initially, Middle Est introduced sugar to Europe and it was a commodity only the upper elite class could reach?

This was the Eureka moment which changed the process of candy making once and for all! The use of sugar became vast and it also became a very affordable ingredient. This led to the creation of classic candies like marzipan and nougats.

Hard candies like Peppies came into existence. Later in the 18th century, we were able to produce candies at a larger level making it more affordable and accessible to all classes. Candy stores started opening and their queues were unimaginable.

Today when we are looking at different kinds of candy, we need to find a trustable brand that gives us access to premium delicacies at a reasonable price. Candyville is a wholesale candy supplier in Canada who have the most authentic products all housed under their platform!

Health Implications of Candies & Their Benefits

Candies started to emerge all over the world and the giant brands began to establish their first factories which have enmassed such a big empire now! the love for candies crossed bounds and became a tradition to give them out on holidays. Overindulgence surely did later lead to a lot of complications so people began to become more conscious.

What are the implications of candies on the health? Two factors that we have to keep in mind are unhealthy eating and negligence towards health. The biggest concern about candies arises when we discuss about high calories present in them along with their sugar content.

Excess sugar consumption leads to a lot of health complications like obesity, diabetes, cavities, and other irregularities. Nutritionists have been warning for years now about the low nutrition and high sugars present in candies which should be limited. But did you know that when consumed in a smaller quantity, these candies have wonderful health benefits

  • Energy Levels

  • The increased sugar levels present in candies provide us with a very quick boost of sugar which leads to a high energy surge. The sugar levels help us get back on our feet very quickly when we feel something like hypoglycemia. Even doctors trust small candies to help patients experiencing hypoglycemia feel better.

    Thus, athletes or other individuals in need of a quick energy surge can consume a small amount of candies to boost their energy and enhance their performance.

  • Mindful Consumption

  • People who follow a portion-control diet are always cautious about everything they consume. But they do promote a very healthy lifestyle while they do not cut out any kind of food. Mindful eating promotes eating small quantities of all kinds of treats which allow us to indulge in the experience and stay in control.

    An occasional candy is healthy to eat until it is not an everyday habit of chewing down bars of candy at once.

  • Mood Enrichment

  • The consumption of candies has been linked to mood enrichment due to their high quantity of sweetness and sometimes the presence of ingredients like chocolates. Chocolates consist of phenylethylamine components which aid in the release of endorphins. Known for the release of such feel-good hormones, chocolates, and candies promote a good mood and temporary enhancement of overall happiness.

    Thus candies are not always bad or unhealthy. It is very toxic to live a lifestyle while starving ourselves of all the joys of life. When it comes to good quality candies, Candyville provides bulk candy in Canada and is a highly trusted name in the industry.

    Top 10 Most Iconic Candies Available at Candyville: Canada’s Leading Candy and Confectionary Online Store

    If you are looking for quality candies, chocolates, and confectionaries at good prices? Then you are at the right place! If you are looking for wholesale candy suppliers in Canada, then Candyville must be your top pick! While offering wholesale supply, they are also known for their wonderful commitment to quality and consistency.

    Speaking about candies, they offer a huge range of confectionaries that are both American and British. Anything from the platform that you are looking for gummy bears, bars of candies, chewing gums, or Thin Mints, they have everything under their roof!

    The following list consists of the top 10 most iconic candies that Candyville houses and those that cannot miss trying at least once in your lifetime.

  • Wonka Fun Dips

  • Willy Wonka is the world's most popular fictional chocolate manufacturer who came to life with the visions of Roald Dahl. The production of candies under the name of Wonka has been selling out very quickly known for their best and wonderful taste!

    The best candies are the ones that are most in demand! At the house of this bulk candy in Canada, you must try out Wonka Fun Dips at least once since they recreate the taste of one of the best classic candies. For all those who are wondering how candies from the chocolate factory taste, this one is just a trailer! Grab them before they sell out from the top wholesale candy supplier in Canada ie Candyville.

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

  • The two most loved ingredients of all time are peanut butter and chocolates. The mixture of these two ingredients gives birth to one of the most iconic candies of all time, the Peanut Butter Cups by Reese’s which have gained worldwide popularity for their taste.

    Reese’s has a lot of other candies and varieties that are so popular. The king-size peanut butter cups are very popular and their new Halloween candies have been flying out of the racks. Their other candies abrs like the Hershey’s Reese’s bars claim to be healthy, so do check them out as well!

  • M&M’s

  • Classic small bite candies have been around for years and the most popular ones are from the best brands. While facing huge competition from brands like Cadbury and Skittles, M&M’s have always held a special place in the hearts of the audience.

    Their bite-sized colorful portions lead to the surprise of wonderful colors, tastes, and various flavors have led to their increased sales and love has continued from all over the world.

    The new M&M flavors like the Candy popcorn flavors and others have been stealing hearts recently, 

    1. Kit Kats

    Known for their wafers and crunchy textures, Kit Kats have been a household favorite for years together now! Their crunchy taste and adequate sweetness make them a candy that be bought frequently.

    Their new friend packs have been stealing hearts but their classic and iconic ones are the White Kit ktas. Having been around for so many years, these candies are loved by everyone around America for their sweetness and texture. Their other flavours like the Kit Kat Chocolate Frosted Donut are also becoming very popular for their unique states and packaging!

    These white Kitkats also come in another variant. Kit Kat Birthday Cake with the same White Crème has become a very popular candy that has been selling out like crazy these days. I mean we all love cakes and we all love sweets. Their brilliant idea to combine both of these flavors into one candy makes it so much more desirable!

    1. Snickers

    How can we ever make a list of candies and leave out Snickers?! That’s impossible. Yes, Snickers and their nutty delights have been around for decades now and the customers cannot have enough of these. The different types of Snickers available around make them even more desirable.

    Here at Candyville, they house delicacies like the Candy Pop Popcorn Snickers which seem to have gained the title of yummiest new candies so do try them out at least once!

    1. Lindt Lindor

    Premium chocolates are usually not the most affordable ones but they are the ones that taste the best. The one in discussion right now is Lindor, a wonderful sweet treat that can easily steal the hearts of any sweet tooth.

    These milk chocolates similar to the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars taste like drops of heaven. Their spherical candies have a thick chocolate coating. After a bite, these candies have a melting chocolate filling that can make any chocolate lover take another bite. Lindt and their chocolate flavors are always classic and the best for gifting.

    1. Skittles

    Skittles are household favorites that have been holiday favorites and their taste is always unbeatable. While being very tasty, their gems-like shape also comes in various flavors.

    We have the Skittles Original that has always been selling out and is one of the most loved candies. The tropical fruit-flavored Skittles are yet another household favorite that has the taste of many seasonal fruits which makes it lovely.

    The UK special, Crazy Sour Skittles are a holiday favourite and the most common snack bites as well. Their variants are so interesting since they have different collections in different cities. Their China specials come in flavors like Yogurt, Floral Fruits, Fruit Tea, and other flavors that are mostly hard candies which are a must-try!

    If you are a retailer looking to house an exotic collection of candies, Candyville should be your must-buy choice! Since they are a huge bulk candy supplier in Canada.

    1. Twix

    Twix Bars are famous for their caramel-filled treats that are usually loved by sweet tooths around the world. Yes, these candies are typically too sweet to finish it all in one sitting but the occasional mini candy surely is enjoyed by a lot of customers.

    The Candy Pop Popcorn flavor that has also been introduced by Twix is a must-buy since it has been getting a lot of positive reviews these days!

    Their holiday candy specials and mini packs are a must-try for any chocolate lover since these minis are the perfect ones to give children during Halloween. While being little and tasty, they also satisfy the craving.

    1. Jolly Rancher

    Jolly Rancher is a huge brand that has been loved by children for years now. their different assortments of candy have become popular and their varieties are lovely. The various new collections of Gummy Baers by this brand are a must-buy! While being chewy and yummy, they have new flavors that interest a curious customer.

     Their other lovely candy is the sugar-free hard ones. While being sweet and flavourful, these are also mainly sugar-free which helps in guilt-free indulgence of this candy by customers of all ages!

    1. Cadbury

    So here comes a bonus option, which is even one of the most popular ones. There can never be a list of iconic candies that does not contain the name of Cadbury. Being a classic brand, we have saved the best for the last. Cadbury Diary Milk is a classic in countries like the UK, India, Canada etc. The milk chocolate bars are huge in countries and they range from affordable to expensive depending on their sizes.

     Cadbury Oreos are also a must-try because of their sweet heavenly taste. While they are not very sweetish, they have two chocolate-flavored biscuits combined with a vanilla crème that tastes like heaven when dunked in milk and eaten quickly.

     Another UK classic is the Cadbury Giant Candy Buttons. These candy buttons are a vanilla-flavored bite covered in chocolate giving the best of two flavours! You can buy these from our renowned wholesale supplier at the best prices!


    All of the candies that have been listed below are some of the most classic and iconic candies of all time. Known for their premium taste and classic taste, these have been holiday favorites for decades now. all of these candies are available for bulk supply at Candyville! They even offer free shipping for orders above $450, so check them out!

     So, if you are ever in need of a supplier/retailer that deals in bulk candies in Canada, they are your best choice to buy at an affordable price, do check them out and let us know what you feel about these candies down below!  With its extensive selection, competitive prices, and convenient free shipping for large orders, Candyville is the ideal choice for anyone in need of a bulk candy supplier. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets them apart from the rest, making them the go-to destination for all your candy, confectionary, and chocolate needs. All in all, Candyville is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable candy supplier.

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