How to Create a DIY Candy Buffet

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Are you having a party soon? We have an amazing idea for you to plan at your buffet table. How about having a DIY Candy buffet at your next event? A piece of good music and an exciting corner at the buffet is all to make a party hit. Parties are fun but hosting them takes a lot of work. Managing the caterers, decorations, music, and drinks takes a lot of time. But no one would want a party without them. If You do not want your party to turn out boring or sulky, then add candies to your celebration. You can buy from wholesale candy suppliers in Canada.

Everybody loves to have candies. It is a delight for all age groups. A small bite of candy can turn any mood into a happy one. Health problems might have restricted their consumption, but they never fail to bring a smile to the face. DIY Candy Buffet will seem a unique idea to your guests. The sweetness of the candies has the power to balance any emotion. You can buy them at the lowest price from Candyville online store. This would be a joyous surprise for the children. It is difficult to keep the kids away from chocolates. Thus, Kids at the party would stay at this counter and let their parents enjoy themselves. 

Ideas for the Buffet Counter 

DIY candies at your Buffet can be a great party stopper. Most of the people come to the party for food. Thus, this counter has to be specifically an eye-catcher to please everyone. Your guest will be happy with this idea of DIY candies at the counter. You can order them online and receive your delivery hassle-free. Candyville provides the best of chocolates at the lowest prices.  However, this idea can be customized in various manners to suit your celebration. Given here are a few of them: 

  1. Color-Themed Candies: You might wonder, how Candies can be themed. However, this can be an interesting trial for the parties. You might keep them color-themed, where all the candies would be in specific colors like green, blue, pink, yellow, orange, red, etc. It will be an attractive and mouthwatering experience, to have your favorite color candies on the occasion. Searching for them might be difficult, but not when with Candyville. It serves all types of candies in all the colors available. You can order them online and relax while it delivers your order within the stipulated time

  2. Retro-themed: Even if people grow up, they will never forget the candies that they used to have in their childhood times. If you keep the candies that were famous during the 90s, people are going to be pleased. The flashback of their memories from childhood will be in front of their eyes. It will also make children aware of the toffees and candies that are old yet alive.  The sweet, chewy, and fruity flavors will burst into their mouths. They can choose their favorites from all the candies you keep like Sour Patch, Cadbury caramel, gobstoppers, etc. 

  3. Flavor-themed: Brands create a single piece of candy in various flavors. You can pick your favorite flavor for your party. If you are aware of which one your guests would like the most, you can get them spread over the table. If you are not, you can then simply add various flavors of candies. In this way, your guests will be able to try out even if they haven’t ever. Sweet and sour candies are a must-have. They are generally in the flavors like orange, lemon, and mango. At Canyville, you can get various options for flavored candies to buy for your event. 

  4. Candies from around the globe: Some candies are famous all over the world and are loved for their taste. Wherever you buy them, they have the same taste, like Cadbury, Kit-Kat, etc. You can find all of these on the Candyville website. It assures you to provide all your favorites from around the world so that you do not have to hassle around. These candies carry their cultural experiences wherever they are served. If all of them can come together at your party, your guests will be shocked. They might think it would have been difficult to collect these candies. However, Candyville has made it easy for you. 

  5. Pocket-friendly Candies: If you try to add various customizations to the candies you want for the party, it might slightly pinch your pocket. At Candyville, you get the best quality candies at the least price. The price offered is the minimum charged by others. If you have already spent much on other things, buy some candies that would be pocket-friendly, yet make your guests happy. This would be an affordable and budget-friendly decision. Do not forget to check out discounts or cashback before buying them. Even at low prices, you can get various candies as per your requirement.  

Looking to buy such candies for your DIY buffet table? Look no further than Candy Ville. They are the leading suppliers of wholesale candy in Canada along with American and European confectionary.

Varieties of Candies

How can one keep his calm, when there are such huge varieties of candy available through the candy distributors in Canada? You can pick some of the bestsellers from Canyville to keep them at your event. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied by these small treats of happiness. Even if someone is not fond of chocolates, they would be eager to try these out. Some Bestselling candies available are: 

  1. Adam & Brooks Taffy: This brand has been producing various flavored and colored chewy candies. It is satisfying to chew these taffies and has a smooth texture. They come in flavors like watermelon, strawberry, cheery, green apple, and others. These candies are much suited for the buffets at the parties. It is a go-to snack for many people as they are fond of it. These candies can be mixed with other flavors to experience the intensity of sweetness.

  2. Richardson Rock Candy: As the name suggests, it is rocky and hard in texture. It comes in various flavors and colors. Made with some natural ingredients, they are wholesome and have an authentic taste. It is enjoyed by all age groups, whether adults or children and are perfect to add to your buffet. The crystalline form is an attractive display and is used for the decoration of cakes as well.   

  3. Warheads Sour Poppy Candy:  If you are a lover of candies that are sweet and sour, then Warheads Sour Poppy Candies are for you. They have been one of the most competitive brands over time. These small treats can instantly pop into your mouth and blast flavor. The best-selling flavor of poppy candy is the watermelon one at Candyville. This tangy-twisted candy can be the main attraction for your party and can be shared around by your guests. 

  4. KOKO’s Icecream Twist & Lick Candies: Who is not fond of icecreams? When candies can be in the form of icecreams, it can be a double treat for you. KOKO’s Icecream Twist & Lick Candies provides this happiness. This unique idea is a complete delight for people. You can buy it at the cheapest price on Candyville. Their exciting packaging cannot stop you to have another one at the buffet counter. 

  5. Boston America Candy: Boston America is one of the top-selling brands that have various candies like Hello Kitty Burger Candy, Vanilla Poop Candy, Candy Mix Cassette Tape, Game Boy Candy, etc. It never fails to charm its customers with its unique designs. When hungry, you can snack on these candies as they are delicious and full of flavors. Boston America candies are such famous, that the kids would not even leave a single piece at the end. 

  6. m&m minis: Who would not know about the m&m candies that are available almost all over the world? Every age group of fond of these but can sometimes not have luck in their hands. It tends to get out of stock soon. Hence, at the parties, people are excited to see their favorite chocolate. It comes in various flavors, colors, and sizes and you can choose the one you want at the buffet. 

  7. Swirlz Candy Cane Cotton Candy: Cotton Candies are the lightest and the sweetest of all. These balls of clouds give a nostalgic feel to every adult. It would have been a must-buy during their childhoods. Having it again at the party would bring back all their memories. You can buy them online on the Candyville website for your party. 

Wrapping up

Until now, you must have known that you can never go wrong with candies on your occasion. It can please everyone and make the party enjoyable. It adds a nostalgic feeling to the adults who no longer eat candies. They will remember their childhood and are taken back to those days. This decision of keeping candies will not fail. Make sure that the stock at the party never gets out of stock and can be refilled. Plan them to avoid any last-moment mishaps. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some chocolates and get ready to plan your blockbuster party! Log on to to buy your favorite candies, gummies, chocolates, and related confectionary items and make your party memorable for you as well as for your guests.

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