How Sweet it is ( and was ) History of Candies

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The advent of candy sometimes feels like a miracle since they are always very diverting and very interesting when it comes to their flavors and taste. We might always have wondered how these began. One must’ve thought that candies came into existence only when modern infrastructure and cooling technologies like freezers came into existence. However, it is a false notion because the creation of candies and chocolates is dated long back. If you read about the story of their origin, you might be shocked to read some of their facts.

Since ancient times, honey has been a popular confection and is even referenced in the Bible. An ancestor of candy was the candied fruits and nuts made by the ancient Egyptians, Arabs, and Chinese in honey. Made from barley grains, barley sugar is among the earliest hard candies. Chocolate was first consumed by the Mayans and Aztecs, who both highly valued the cocoa bean. The cocoa tree was found in Mexico in 1519 and introduced to Europe by Spanish explorers. In the 17th century, boiled sugar candies were consumed by people in America and England.

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When brands like Cadbury and Hershey’s began, they were not as big as they are today. They only started with a smaller collection as compared to the present times. But it was not these brands that brought out candies but they were the ones that brought in varieties along with them. Candies began over centuries ago and it dates back to 250 AD.

Traces of candies were even found in India. Some people even claim that the first consumption of candies was done in India. People discovered that candies could be made through the pulp and juice of sugar canes which led to crystallized candies that became insanely popular over time. As candies become more popular, people from different countries started adopting it. However, people from different origins have different tastes and so they started modifying candies as per their own liking. This led to the evolution of candies to a scale which no one ever expected.

 It was the Middle East that brought in sugar towards Europe and it became a very common commodity and a very cheaper commodity as well after the advent of candies. Through this,  little candy stores came into existence and people started experimenting with different juice substances and ingredients to bring out different flavors and varieties of candies.

 It was surely a very creative initiative taken by our ancestors to try and test out different juices and honey to make the earliest version of candies. candies made with different chocolatey substances along with sugar began the arrival of different kinds of chocolates and candies that can be made and the possibilities are still vast to explore.

It has now come to this point where we have different varieties and flavors of candies available in every kind that we would like to consume.

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