Candy-Inspired Games to Play with Your Kids

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Who does not enjoy playing games? When we were children, we looked for novel game ideas to play at our birthday celebrations. Not only did we like playing musical chairs, but also had super fun while playing games like passing the parcel. For all these childhood years, one thread has bound us since immemorial–candies.

Many consider candies their best friends, almost like their lovers. When we have two of our favourites together, games and candies, let us curate a fantastic fusion to curate some super fun games inspired by candies to play with your children.

Candy games help your children connect with you better and incentivize them to do tasks they wouldn’t otherwise do. Playing games with your children deepens your bond and takes it to heights. Games are super fun, plus candies help you enhance these games to another level.

Candy Distributors Canada has thousands of candy varieties to help you curate such fantastic games to play with your little ones. We have all of the varieties of these candies, from cotton candies to gummies and chewies to chocolate bars, covered for you. These candies are brought to you by wholesale candy suppliers in Canada, giving you a chance to enjoy and educate your children in a snap.

We have curated 10 such unique games for you and your children. Each of these games has been listed by rules, different perks, and what you can expect from such games. Happy eating and happy playing!

Top-10 Candy-Inspired Games

  • Skittles Smoothies Tic-Tac-Toe

  • A game as famous as the tic-tac-toe needs no introduction. This could be one of the very first games we ever played as children. Whether carving out the mesh at our school desk with a compass or pencils or playing it at the back of our notebooks with our pens, this memory is etched deep in our hearts. Such precious games can never be forgotten. They get to stay with us forever.

    One such similar idea is the idea of playing this brilliant game with your children. The entertaining twist is to play it with our Skittles smoothies. Skittles Smoothies from Candy Distributors Canada are delightful and colorful candies in bright colors and bite-sized forms. You and your junior can select one color each and then arrange the candies in the manner you selected. The goal would be to get three Skittles of the same flavor in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) on the mesh. 

    Whoever makes the first arrangement wins and relishes the entire winning row of Skittles! It is super fun and simple to play, yet it requires a lot of planning and plotting. You just have to prevent draws and sail your boat out of it to finish victorious. Happy tic-tac-toeing with Skittles!

    If you want to buy Skittles at the best price in the entire market, look no further than Candyville. 

  • Blow that Bubble Gum

  • Bubble Gums are so much fun to eat and blow as well. These chewies are specially designed to allow the chewer to blow bubbles. Our Wrigley Bubble Tape Gum from Hubba-Bubba comes in various flavors, from strawberry to mint. These flavors enhance the enjoyment of chewing these gums.

    Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape, a classic chewy gum, is the number one bubble gum from wholesale candy suppliers in Canada, making this game fun. The taste and the bubbles are all double the fun all worth it. 

    The rules are simple: at a time, a person blows a bubble, and the size is classified as large, medium, or small. Tiny bubbles will get you 1 point, while the medium- and large-sized bubbles will win you 2 and 3 points each. After all the bubbles have been blown, the leader gives points, and whoever has the most points wins!

    This is a super exciting game as it reminds us of when we used to blow out our babool bubbles back then. The show-off and flaunt remain with us. So is the memory we can help our children associate with through this fun game. So what are you waiting for? Blow that bubble and be the bubblemaster!

  • Guess the candy 

  • Multiple candies sold by candy distributors in Canada will convince you to play this guessing game with your children. This ‘Guess the candy’ game is super easy and fun. Inquisitiveness is all you need for this power-packed game that we are about to suggest.

    Wholesale candy suppliers in Canada have a variety of candies-jellies, gummies, bars, and pops. This variety makes this game even more challenging. All you need to do is buy multiple candies and unwrap them. After unwrapping these candies, place them in a bowl and start the clock. 

    The players will have one full minute to guess as many candies as they can from the candies presented to them from your bowl. As the player guesses, they note them on paper after eating them. This guessing continues while the player is blindfolded to prevent any cheating possible.

    After the time is up, the leader checks the correct number of guesses one by one. The player who guesses the most candies becomes the guessing champion and is applauded by all.

    Guessing games are loved by everyone. They should never be forgotten and played by all.

    To stock up on a variety of candies for the ‘Guess the Candy’ game, knock on the doors of Candyville. You name a candy and they have it. Candyville even deals in American and European confectionary items. 

    So this was the suggestion to play the pro guessing game with your young one. This builds analytical skills and makes the child more observant and inquisitive. Happy guessing!

  • Stack the Gummies

  • Next, we have curated another fabulous game for you. This unique game idea involves stacking your favorite candies. This stack-the-gummies game is super fun and super easy. Just like Jenga or tower games, you might have enjoyed playing at parties, we have this fresh game idea for you to enjoy at parties.

    All you need for this easy game is a boxful of E-frutti Gummi cupcakes candy from wholesale candy suppliers in Canada. This box of colorful candies will surely remind you of the rainbow that comes up in the sky after a rainy day. 

    These miniature bi-coloured fruit gummies are made with a marshmallow fruit gummy base. Uniquely made of spongy and sturdy texture, this delicious gummy will make your game more fun and even easier to play with. All you need to do is stack it on top of one another.

    The rules are simple- each player would stack their gummies on top of the other until they crack up and fall. After you stack the pile, count the number of gummies before falling. The one with the maximum number of stacked piles wins!

    These stacking games help increase the child’s concentration and build the capacity for strategy-building. So take out your gummies and pile them above your tables. We wish you a very happy stacking!

  • Memory match

  • Another fun game you can play is Candy Match Up! As obvious from the name, gather a bunch of fun-sized candy bars, like Hershey’s, KitKats, or whatever you like! Make sure to have around multiple different candies. Next, take the candy out of the wrappers and lay all the candies out on a table or the floor. Keep the wrappers nearby in a pile.

    Candy Distributors Canada makes this game even more difficult with its vast variety of candies and snacks. One has to be a candy lover to come out with flying colors!

    Now, the actual game begins! Taking turns, each player tries to match a candy bar with its correct wrapper by using your memory. No peeking at the wrappers or candies. This is all about remembering which wrapper goes with each candy. If you match correctly, you get to keep both the candy and the wrapper!

    If you don’t match correctly, you need to put them back and let the next player go. You need to keep doing the same until all the candies and wrappers are matched with each other. The player with the most correct matches wins! This game is a super fun way to challenge your memory and munch on some tasty treats at the same time. Must try it with your friends on your next get-together.

  • How many?

  • "How Many?" is the next entertaining game. It's quite simple, but it's also hard.

    First, take a clear glass jar or container and add a variety of colorful wrapped sweets, such as jelly beans or Skittles, to it. Fill it to the brim with whatever makes your mouth swim. When it's finished, tightly cover the jar and call everyone over to see the assortment of candies inside.

    Now, the goal is for each person to guess how many total candies are packed in the jar just by looking - no touching or shaking allowed! Go around and have everyone write down or say their number guess aloud.

    Once all the guesses are in, it's time for the big reveal! Count the candies in the jar and see who got the closest without exceeding the amount. That candy genius wins the whole jar of goodies for themselves.

    It's such a simple game but crazy hard, too. Getting the amount just right takes skills and a little luck. Plus, you get a sweet treat prize. Give it a go for candy-coated fun and enjoy your rewards if you can "How Many?”.

  • How fashionable!

  • Another super creative new game is "How Fashionable!” since it's all about making the most beautiful outfits possible using candy wrappers. First, everyone must collect candy wrappers in as many different types, brands, and colors as you can get hands-on. 

    Then, it's time to see who can design the most incredible dresses, skirts, shirts, or whatever you dream up just using the candy wrappers and tape or glue. Feel free to cut, shape, and combine the wrappers in any way. Add ribbon or thread, too, if you want.

    Let your imagination run wild. Create fancy shapes, patterns, and textures. The most important rule is that candy wrappers must make up the central part of your outfit design.

    Once the time is up, have everyone walk the runway to show off their candy couture. Vote on whose wrapper fashion is the most creative, colorful, and one-of-a-kind. The winning designer gets a sweet prize. Just make sure your children use these tools safely.

    This game is sure to bring out your innovative side. Get ready for a seriously stylish candy crafting competition.

  • Chocolate Puzzle Time

  • Next up, gather the youngsters and get ready for Chocolate Puzzle Time! 

    First, the parents will carefully cut a chocolate bar into puzzle pieces that are distinct from each other, possibly creating zigzags, curves, or other shapes. This game will be more enjoyable with the addition of multi-flavored chocolate bars from wholesale candy suppliers in Canada. Next, combine all of the chocolate bits and distribute them among the children. It's now a race to see who can reassemble the chocolate puzzle the quickest!

    The kids will have to focus and problem-solve to determine how each piece fits together. Which pieces have the curved edges that go on the outside? How can they reform the original chocolate bar shape? It takes spatial skills, troubleshooting, and lots of patience.

    As the kids tap and twist the pieces together, encourage them and make it a fun learning experience. The first one to reconstruct their chocolate wins! Then, they can enjoy the sweet treat as a prize.

    Chocolate Puzzle Time is the perfect way to build strategic thinking in a tasty, hands-on way. And who doesn't love the reward of chocolate at the end? Gather the family and get ready for some puzzle-solving fun - just be sure the parents are handling the chocolate cutting for safety. Let the sweet games begin!

    Grab the best chocolates from the best brands only from Candyville at a single click. 

  • Toss the Cotton Candy

  • Want to play a sweet new game using fluffy Skittles cotton candy? Let's call it Cloud Catch! 

    To set up, two people stand facing each other a few feet apart. One person holds a paper plate, while the other gently tosses a piece of cotton candy upward. 

    The goal is for the catcher to position their plate right where they predict the cotton candy will fall. The goal is to let the sugary cloud gently land without breaking. Successful catches score points! Take turns tossing the cotton candy upward, making sure not to throw it too forcefully. This game is all about light, airy tosses and gentle catching. If the cotton candy breaks apart or is missed, no points are awarded. 

    Keep alternating tosses and tracking points. Step back further between rounds to increase the difficulty! You can also try fun versions like catching one-handed. The player with the most points after all the cotton candy clouds have been caught wins a sweet, sugary prize! 

    It's a fun skill, reflexes, and focus test with a delicious candy reward. Just be sure not to get too competitive; keeping things light and airy, like the cotton candy itself is the key to enjoyment. Give it a whirl at your next gathering!

  •  Sort the colour

  • A colorful candy sorting game- let's call it Skittles Spectrum! The rules are easy. It's all about sorting tasty Skittles candies by their rainbow colors. 

    First, get a big bag of Skittles from wholesale candy suppliers in Canada and dump them into a pile. Make sure to have all the colors red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. 

    Now, line up some empty bowls or containers. Each one should be labeled with a color name. On "Go," start sorting the Skittles, putting each one into the matching colored bowl red in the red bowl, yellow in the yellow bowl, and so on. Keep sorting as fast as possible until all the Skittles are organized by color. Be careful not to eat them as you sort! 

    The first person to correctly separate their Skittles wins. To make it harder, use more colors or mix up very similar shades like light green and dark green. You can also time players and see who can sort the fastest!

    Skittles Spectrum is a fun and interactive way to work on color recognition, sorting skills, and speed. Plus, you get to snack on candy when you're done! Gather your friends and get ready to taste the rainbow with this colorful game.


    So these were the top 10 candy-inspired fun games to play with your children. As you decide on what to play with your little ones, now you have many options to play from. Be it ‘Skittles Smoothies Tic-Tac-Toe’s’ fun crisscrossing or How Fashionable’s creative designing, we presented some top-notch creative ideas in store for you to explore.

    Playing games with children deepens your bonds and helps you relive your childhood. Candies from wholesale candy suppliers in Canada, help you complete these objectives and make fantastic memories with your young ones.

    If you are looking for the best Candy distributors in Canada, look forward to none other than Candyville. They offer the best deals when it comes to candies and confectionary items. Candyville even offers free shipping on orders above $450. 

    So once you buy confections from us and chart your plans to set up and play such brilliant fun games with your children and family, do not forget our suggestions. Happy eating and happy playing! 

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