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Sugar Babies, America's favorite chewy caramel delight, are bite-sized milk caramel bliss. 

These deliciously sweet and wonderfully creamy bite-sized delights can not have been given a better name! 

Sugar Babies have a thick candy shell enclosing a center of ooey-gooey milk caramel, yet you won't notice the finer details when you're savoring the decadent flavor of Sugar Babies by the fistful!

The slow-cooked, candy-coated milk caramels are a movie theatre and at-home favorite, and they're available in a range of box and pouch sizes to provide the appropriate amount of shareable candy for each event. With a little caramel magic, your road trips, holidays, celebrations, picnics, and more will be much more unforgettable. 

Milk chocolate and caramel have never tasted as good as they do now!

Kids and adults are equally crazy about these bite sized treats. 

Stock your snack cabinet with these cute yet sinful snacks, and you'll never regret having some unfiltered fun. Candyville is where you can get your collection.



Sugar Babies

Package Information


Package Weight

6 Oz

Unit Count

30 Ounce


Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, invert sugar, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, dry whole milk, modified food starch, whey, natural and artificial flavors, confectioner's glaze, salt, caramel color, artificial colors (FD&C yellow 5, red 40, yellow 6, blue 1), soy lecithin, white mineral oil. Eggs may be present.

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