Ferrara Pan Pre-Priced 25 Cent Fruit Mix Chewy Lemonhead X 24 Units

Ferrara Pan Pre-Priced 25 Cent Fruit Mix Chewy Lemonhead X 24 Units

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Bold fruit delight will enlighten your taste buds. Chewy Lemonhead Fruit Mix is a wonderful chew that has five Lemonhead fruit tastes. Lemonheads are a sour variation on a hot notion, created by Ferrara using the same cold-panned process as Red Hots. 

Since its introduction in 1962, this yellow staple has been delighting sweet tooths. With a hard sweet center inside a softshell, it's round and lemony-good. Fruit tastes and chewy variations are now available. Lemonhead candies are a favorite among candy-loving kids. Real fruit flavor will make you pucker. Parties, get-togethers, picnics, late-night movie dates, game evenings, and other recreational events will all be a success. Your sweet and sour cravings have never seen this heavenly satisfaction before. 

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