Top 10 Most Popular Birthday Special Candies for Kids

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Children are always picky when it comes to different kinds of candies especially when there are hundreds of choices in front of them. Children usually prefer to distribute candies on their birthdays and other celebrations for which there are a lot of special candies designed.

There are a lot of different Easter and Halloween candies just like birthday candies that are produced these days which come in different shapes and candies that are both smaller in size and also very interesting for children. You can have a look at the best festival-centric candies on Candyville. They are one
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The following list consists of several candies that are from the best selection of birthday candies that you can choose from.

     1. Snickers

There are a lot of people who love chocolates stuffed and filled with different ingredients which make them more savoury and also filling at the same time. People who love chocolate filled with caramel, peanuts, and different ingredients are usually bound to pick up Snickers. Snickers is a famous chocolate which is even available in the form of a family-pack that has small bite sized pieces of the chocolate. 

 Snickers is a typical household brand in a lot of countries and is usually a birthday pick for children who are in search of a choclate that is both premium and affordable at the same time.

 If you feel that snickers is the best bulk chocolate bars in Canada, reach out to us at Candyville. We stock all different flavors of snickers and will provide them to you at the best price in the market. 

  1. M&M Packs

There are a lot of people who tried to step out of the usual zone of buying small candy bars for children and offer something unusual like packets of M&M’s. 

M&M’s come in small packets filled with little gem-like structures that are of different flavors. The new different flavors of M&M's filled with sweet, sour, and a lot of other flavors are trending and this might also be a very good birthday pick for those who are looking for something different than other kids.

  1. Cadbury

There can never be a list of chocolates that does not have the name of Cadbury in it. Cadbury is a staple in many countries and people are always bound to pick up chocolates and little bites from Cadbury to distribute during birthdays. Cadbury has a very wide variety of chocolates offered in different corners of the globe.

The different little chocolate bites offered by Cadbury might also be a very good pick for your child’s birthday or if you're looking for little bites to distribute during other festivities.

Cadbury is known for their different collections like Cadbury Dairy Milk,  Cadbury Perk, Cadbury Gems, and more. All of them are an excellent choice to distribute on your child’s birthday.

  1. Easter Sour Patch Gummy Bags

If you are looking for a candy that is both limited edition and also festive-themed, then these sour patches might be just the right one for you! With their unique taste, these come in different shapes and sizes. Their unique packaging might add more aesthetic to your party along with their cool bag packaging.

  1. Wonka Fun Dips

The Willy Wonka-inspired chocolate brand has been selling out crazy these days with their new and unique candies. If you are looking for the perfect candy, we suggest you pick this one!

While recreating the classic fun dips, they have also brought back the joy of a very classic candy which your little one will surely enjoy while distributing among his/her friends.

  1. Kit Kats

People usually love different candies that are usually wafer-filled and also are very crunchy at different times. Kitkat is the best pick in this situation due to their little candy-sized packs available in larger quantities.

 KitKats are the kind of chocolates that do not usually melt very easily and even if they do the wafers are always thick and easy to serve or gift. If you're looking for a customized gift bag or confectioneries, do check out Candyville, one of the best bulk candy bar supplier in Canada.

  1. Hershey’s Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate

For people who are looking for a healthier option, there's sugar-free milk chocolate which might be the perfect one for you to distribute on your little one’s birthday. The Hershey sugar-free milk chocolate might be one of the best picks since they are both sweet, flavorful, and also sugar-free.

  1. Skittles Cotton Candy

Skittles is known for its sweet and sour-tasting gems that are loved all around the world. A selection from this brand would be the cotton candy flavor that is both sweet for children and the colors that will surely astonish them.

Check out the website of our Candyville, one of the best bulk candy suppliers, for more options that are healthy.

  1. Wonka Laffy Taffy Cherry

This is yet another candy that is out of the box and allures children with its sweet, unique taste. The melting taffy is trending these days and this would be a wonderful pick for your next birthday- to celebrate, cherish, and enjoy!

There are a lot of children who haven’t tried the classic taffy so this might be an opportunity to circulate them around!

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

There can never be a chocolate list that does not include the iconic Reese’s. The obsession for their peanut butter-filled candies has been increasing over time and this would be the perfect pick for those looking for something staple and branded to be distributed on their special day.

The candies are both tasty and known for their texture which will make more people reach for! The new king-size peanut butter cups are also a best seller, so check them out at Candyville today.


So that was all about the best candies out their in the market that you can pick to distribute on your or your little one’s birthday. Distributing candies on our birthday is a sureshot way of sharing our happiness. It clearly indicates that through this action, we look forward to spread love among the younger ones and seek blessings of the elderly.

A wide array of candies are available in the local supermarket as well as on online platforms like Candyville. At times, one gets skeptical while choosing which candy to buy. In this blog we tried to overcome this issue of yours by providing you the list of the top 10 birthday oriented candies. You can easily buy any of these on Candyville. They are one of the best wholesale candy suppliers in Canada and have a huge stock of all the above mentioned candies. Not only they provide these candies at the best price in the market but also deliver them to your doorstep at a single click. They even offer a free delivery on orders over $450. So, what are you waiting for? Order your favorite candies now through and gear up to spread happiness and joy all around on your special day! 


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