Top 10 Candy Stores in Canada

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Treats of joy are found in stores? You got to be kidding. Candies are such sweet and delightful eateries that everybody loves them. It is just like a favorite kid of the entire universe. Who can ever ignore a candy put in from of him? Even if you are on a diet, it becomes your guilty pleasure. To satisfy your cravings for candies and chocolates, you will be able to see the top 10 candy stores in Canada. Here you will be able to get almost every variety that you crave with other various kinds of stuff. 

It is always wondrous how candies have evolved to become a favorite treat for every person. Even when you are unhappy or down, a single piece of candy can instantly make everything right. It has the power to uplift your emotions and control them. This is the reason why on many occasions people prefer to chocolates to their dear ones. One might not like a piece of clothing that you bring for them, but they will surely love the candies. These yummy pieces will take you back to your childhood days when you insisted on your mother having one more candy. 

Top 10 Popular Candy stores in Canda 

If you do not know that in Canada you will find a variety of candies from all around the world. Tourists who come here prefer to take back chocolates for their kids and other family members. Not only because they get these candies at reasonable pricing, but the quality is immensely pleasable. You might not be able to find some rare chocolates in your country. You will be glad to try them out and take back some of your favorites to home. While in Canada, you will not have to worry about purchasing your candies at the best possible prices. Here are some of them: 

1. Candy Ville

Are you looking for a candy store that meets your ultimate need? Then you have found the right place for your cravings. Have you heard of Candyville? It tops among the major distributors of candies in Canada. One of the best available stores in Toronto, where you can get almost all types of candies. 

Some of the best-selling items at Candyville are Rap snacks, warheads, Hubba Bubba Max,Sour Blue Raspberry, Takis Blue Heat, Rainbow Crush candy straws, Jelly Belly Beanboozled Jelly Beans Spinner Gift Box, Sugar-Free Stork Werther Original Caramel, ramen noodles, Vidal Gummi Sour Wild Raspberries Peg Bag, etc. 

If shipping is something, that worries you then you are no longer required to, because at Candyville you can get free delivery above your order for $450. They guarantee the lowest prices for their customers. You will not be able to get these products at a cost lower than that provided by Candyville. The are the best wholesale candy suppliers in Canada!

They also offer a free warehouse pickup, where you will not be required to pay for any delivery charges. It is a self-pickup service. While adding your products to the cart and before checkout, you must choose this service to avail. There are various American and British products that you can buy from here. 

Store Details:

Store Name: Candyville
Store Address: 140 Finchdene Square Unit-8, Scarborough, ON M1X 1B1, Canada

Candy & Chocolate Brands Available: Haribo, Airheads, Tic Tac, Nestle, Ree's, Boston America, Dubble Bubble, Harsey, Rap Snacks, Mike and Ike, Efrutti, Big League Chew, Pop Rocks, Jolly Rancher,KoKo's, Hubba Bubba, Wrigley's, Hi-Chew, Charms, Mentos, Toxic Waste, Cotton Candy, Nintendo, Kool-Aid, Sour Patch, Topps



They are one of the largest distributors of candies in entire Canada. If you want to try out some of the chocolates that are imported from the UK, Japan, and other countries, you can find them out. There are some chocolates that one used to eat when they were children. However, over time, there are some candies in which you can hardly see any distribution. makes it possible for you to relive those moments of happiness again. All you need is to type it out on their website, and you might get them.

You will not have to worry about the pricing as well. Best deals are available for its customers at wholesale prices. Shipping fees have always been an issue for any individual. However, through, you can get these products free from shipping if placed above $350.  

Some of its bestselling products are Tin Black Jack gum, Vimto fruit drop box, Turkey OREO roll, Kidsmania unicorn doo, Kit Kat chunky, white, etc. You can place your order from their website and get them delivered to your place to suit your convenience. Visit their website at the earliest to get the best deals. 

Store Details:

Name: iSweet
Address: 34 Golden Gate Ct Unit 4, Toronto, Ontario, M1P 4M8, Canada
Phone Number: (416) 293-7682



3. Candyfunhouse

Want to eat something sweet yet tasty? Then it's time for you to order your favorite candies from Candyfunhouse. It is always fun to have chocolates and makes you remember your childhood days. However, people have become much more health conscious. Still, one piece of candy can help to motivate them and work even harder. 

Candyhunhouse brings a smile to every one of its customers by delivering to them all their requirements. If you have a sweet tooth, then you must visit Candyfunhouse, as they have an appetite for all of its customers. 

Some of its best-selling products are Nerds Rope Verry, Berry Candy, Chew assorted sour gum, Butter Rum Livesavers, Slime Licker, Cry Baby Tears sour candy, Caramel Apple pops, etc. If you are a candy lover, you will have to try them out to satisfy your candy cravings.  

Apart from being a candy wholesaler, Candyfunhouse also deals in apparel. You can get them for $59.99. They make you feel smart and younger with age. Customers love engaging in this section to get their best color before it turns out of stock. They have a wide range of snacks to check out as well. 

Store Details:

Name: candy funhouse
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Founded Date: 2018

Candy Funhouse

4. Candydistrict

Are you looking for the perfect candy for your kids? Visit Candydistrict today. It offers the widest range of retro and Canadian candies. They will get you delivered your favorite classic within some time and you can enjoy them without any guilt.

From candies to bubblegums, it has got all of your favorites. Are you a classic fan, then some of the bestsellers covered by Candydistrict are 100 Grand Bar,3 Musketeers, 5th avenue bars, Abba Zaba, Airheads Gummies, Allan Hot Lips, Altoids Cinnamon Mints, Anastasia key lime coconut patties, etc. 

Even if you do not like chocolates much, these were some of the pieces that you must try once. Their flavors are magical that will take your imagination to wonderlands. If you are looking for adding them for your next party, or any other occasion, you are on the right track. Every guest will be immensely pleased by the way you have them at your parties. Every person has a candy that has a special place in their hearts. This will make them happier and your party will be a hit. You can make your day memorable and special with these sweet delights. 

Store Details:

Name: candy district
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 647-390-4577

Candy District


Do you share your chocolates with anyone? If not, then you can at least share with them this store name so that they can purchase from here. Sweets are something that one hates to share with others and when it comes to your favorites, it's a big no. Thus, on wholesale candy, you can get all brands from around the world that will soothe your taste buds. With a huge retail base, this website has been providing all the candies that a person can ask for. New or old, all types are available in these stores. 

Some of its bestselling are Jelly Berry Very Cherry, Boston America Friday the 13th Jason Mask, Kool-aid fruit-chews, Brach Milk Maid Caramels, Baskin Robin Rainbow Sherbet Jelly Candy, etc. These candies are yummy and treat your appetite well. You can simply not stop eating one after the other. 

Every chocolate that you used to enjoy as a 90s kid is also available. The website is quite easy to operate and one can easily place orders online. Add them to your carts and make the payment. All your orders will be delivered within some time and you can access them. is the one of the best candy distributors in Canada!

Store Details:

Name: iwholesalecandy
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


6. Candy Club Canada

If you are wondering how candies are being such a huge part of life, then maybe you are still not a huge fan of candies. It is not only the childhood that is connected, but even when adults there is something in these sweet little delights of love that makes them special. To make these moments even more special, you can purchase your likable from Candy Club Canada. They have been successful in delivering tonnes of their orders every day. They have been a well-known candy distributors in Canada

Within 48 hours, the majority of the orders are shipped. This proves how much they care about customer satisfaction and deliveries. They want their customers to consume fresh and best. 

You do not have to place any minimum order for your products. Even for a single product, they will get it delivered. However, you might be subject to shipping costs above $400. If you need something to munch on every evening, here are some of the items that you can get from Candy Club Canada, Hawaiian Punch cotton candy, Dunkaroos cinnamon toast crunch, skittles cotton candy, Starburst fave reds cotton candy, etc.  

Store Details:

Name: candy club canada
Location: Canada

candy club canada

7. Candy paradise

Ever herald of a paradise, where you can get all the candies at once? You are on the right web. The best part about them is that they charge you for delivery only up to $50. Above this amount, your delivery charges are completely free and no fee has to be paid for it. You will be immense when you visit their website. 

One of their unique items is their mystery box. If you know, then in a mystery box, various items are randomly taken and put in a box for the customers. When customers are not aware or skeptical of their orders, they can choose this box. The best of the products are added into the box to make the customers happy. While opening the box, they are extremely nervous about what would be there in the box. But once they open, they can witness some of the best products. 

Some of the best-selling items purchased here are Nerds gummy clusters, Lifesavers butter rum candy, fun dip sour candy, skittles smoothies, etc. Since they offer a huge range of products, you can get your favorite ordered and delivered to your home without any hassle. 

Store Details:

Name: candy paradise
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada, Ontario

candy paradise

8. Candy

If you are looking for a store in Canada from where you can get options to gift your loved ones, then Candy Depot is one of them. Here you can get various items from candies to toys and games. It is candy based store but has started with other ranges as well. This helps to serve customers in a diverse range. Founded in 2019, over the years it has developed and arranged for stores around the corner. You will be able to witness some of the amazing products that are unique and will suit your taste. 

Moreover, delivery above $ 80 is completely free and you will not be charged even with a single extra fee. It is a locally owned company and can deliver some of the best sweet candies that are lip-smacking. Some of its must-try products are Jelly filled turtles, jelly-filled whales, Sour blueberry lemonade bottles, freeze-dried Skittles, mega sour Challenge, etc. However, in case you want to return your product, you will have to pay a fee of 15% for restocking the nonedible items. If you want to return candies, then it has to be approved for return by their department. 

Store Details:

Name: Candy Depot Moncton
Location: 1144 Mountain Road, Moncton, NB, Canada, New Brunswick
Phone: +1 506-830-2500

Candy Depot Moncton

9. Stockupmarket 

Do you want American candies, while you are in Canada? No worries, the stock market has got you covered. There are various delicious candies, and if you want to have them, you need to order them through this website. You can get exotic and imported candies to your home in Canada. You will get a great experience through its walk-in stores. They have made the store easily accessible to its customers and you will be guided through to pick your best items. They have been giving the best prices which has made them build a strong customer base. From sodas to snacks, you can get all through here. 

Some of the bestselling items that you can get from here are Tahitian Treat fruit punch, Nerds gummy clusters candy bag, Mike and Ike sour watermelon chewy candy, gushers super sour berry, etc. All these are the items that people have been loving to buy from this store. They may become out of stock soon. In case you are missing out on these, go to the store and get yourself some pieces of stuff. Alternatively, you can order them online from the wide range of products that are available there. 

Pick your favorite today!

Store Details:

Name: StockUpMarket
Headquarters: 600 Clayson Rd, North York, Ontario, M9M 2H2, Canada
Phone Number: (416) 546-4933



One of the biggest warehouse based where you can get access to the largest supply of chocolates and will help you to try out new as well as get some of your classic items. They have been delivering to their customers for long and people find their store to be best for the supplies of these products. At wholesale pricing, you can get bulk pieces of stuff. There is no minimum order value for you to buy. You can buy as much or as less as per your requirement. 

Since 2008, they have been serving customers from all over Canada, at the best reasonable pricing. However, a shipping price of $35 is put in for every order in GTA and a regular one for the ones in other parts of Canada. If you are going to their store, make sure to take all your time. Some of its bestselling items through the warehouse are Claeys candy, Regal Bulk Vanilla Caramel, Mccormick's Puzzle gummy candy, Juby Hot Lips bulk candy, etc. 

There are tonnes of other candies that you can get from here and people simply love to buy their favorite chocolates from here since candyonline has made a special place in the hearts of the audience since 2008. It is one of such famous stores that has made its functioning successful. 

All the above top 10 were some of the stores that are ranked high in case you want to purchase candies, chocolates, and many other kinds of stuff. However, just for a reminder, have candies to treat yourself but do not fall into the trap. It is tasty and suits your body until consumed only in the right amounts. So the next time you buy them, get them with all your open hearts and make all your guests and loved ones happy and impressed with these joyous form of candies. 

Store Details:

Name: candyonline
Location: 472 Cataraqui Street, Windsor , Ontario, N9A 3N7



As we come to conclude, you will already be ready to take your bags and go out shopping. However, you can simply place your orders online. All the products that you would want are easily available. While sitting back at your couches and ordering them is enough work you need to do. The people at the stores will make everything possible to deliver your orders to your doorstep. Unless any unavoidable delay, you will get your stuff at the earliest. so, what is stopping you from buying them, go get yours before they turn out to be out of stock!

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