The Reasons Why We Love Tic Tac Gum Canada

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Since they could make changes to their product, Tic Tac gums in Canada has traditionally been competent at meeting the demands and wants of their clients. By satisfying those needs, they have been able to continue to be relevant in a market that is always evolving. Tic Tac invented a variety of ways to interact with their clients when they originally began in 1969.

In the 1970s, they introduced new flavours like cinnamon and tangerine to their product lines, and in the 1980s, during the health craze, they started marketing that one's breath mint was only and a half calories to gain a slight advantage over rivals. They also came up with catchy jingles like "Put a Tic Tac in your mouth and get a BANG out of life!"

tic tac gums

Now, let's be honest.

Other than the fact that Tic Tac gums are tiny mints with a variety of flavours, what else do you know about them? No? Okay, that's fine; neither did we. Until we dug our just the right reasons to love Tic Tac Gum Canada.

Check out some recent facts that you probably aren't familiar with:

  1. Tic Tac is the Brain Product of the same brand that makes Nutella:

You did read that correctly. The Italian confectioner Ferrero makes Tic Tac gums Canada, Kinder Chocolate, Nutella, and Rocher. But do not attempt to dunk the Tic Tacs in Nutella. We assure you that’s not the combination you are looking for.

  1. The original name of Tic Tacs was "Refreshing Mints."

Apparently, the product naming process was not very innovative, but happily, the company was renamed Tic Tac in 1970. The sound the mints produce within the plastic container is the subject of this onomatopoeia.

  1. Eating mints incorrectly is a thing.

Well, kind of, yes. It is!

It is believed that the shape behind the top flap was made to enable the release of a single Tic Tac, just the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. One at a time!

You are free to pour it all directly into your palm if you still would like to.

  1. The history of the Tic Tac grape flavour is astonishing.

Flavours like cinnamon, orange, sour apple, berry, mandarin, strawberry, pink grapefruit, and a combination of orange and grape were introduced to the roster within the first few years of their existence. The red amaranth dye used in the grape-flavoured mints was thought to have a possible carcinogen. Hence, it was eliminated in 1976. Tic Tac gum Canada reintroduced grapes in 2014, and they are now edible. So you can enjoy these refreshing treats in the beloved grape flavor without any kind of compromise on your health.

Expand your collection of bulk candy Canada with each of these flavors.

  1. Why so white?

Due to the ban on food colouring chemicals, most nations only allow white Tic Tacs while the boxes are coloured. While some may still be coloured, the majority are white, and as you open the box, the flavour and aroma are immediately apparent.

  1. 5-calorie mints to 1.9-calorie mints

The firm stopped using the slogan "the 1.5 calorie mint" because Tic Tac gums Canada have grown in size and are now 1.9 calories per. Not entirely sure if expanding the Tic Tac size is a good idea or not.

Is it better, or does more mean less?

The phrase "less than two calorie mints" won't seem so horrible at this point.

  1. There is no gluten in Tic Tacs.

Friends who avoid gluten rejoice. You read it correctly; these small mints are gluten-free, so you may eat as many as you like without worrying.

  1. More than merely a flavour, pink grapefruit is.

To demonstrate the company's solidarity for breast cancer awareness, this Tic Tac was developed. Pink Grapefruit mints are only available from August to October. We're not sure about you; however, this puts us even more in love with the flavour.

The mint category, which was driven by consumers' needs to refresh their breath, experienced immense love from all cross the world. Any bulk candy collection is incomplete without Tic Tac Gums Canada.

 Ferrero, the company that makes Tic Tacs, claims that a focus on innovation as well as effective marketing and social media initiatives enabled the brand to overcome sales drops brought on by the pandemic to take the lead in the category.

Popping those Tic Tacs the Right Way

Do you think that eating Tic Tacs is simple?

Think again.

Many people appear to consume Tic Tac gum Canada incorrectly. In support of the theory, there are even Internet memes. Here's how to consume the tiny, oval breath mints.

  1.  At a time, take one Tic Tac out of the plastic container.
Tic Tacs should be consumed one by one, starting with the little breath mints. Shaking a large number of Tic Tacs in hand in one go is not the proper technique to consume them. The latter technique frequently causes the little mints to fall to the ground. You can't predict how many you'll get.

It seems that Tic Tac gum Canada have a compartment design that makes it possible to extract them one at a time very precisely.

  1. Flip the Tic Tac case on its side.

Many people make the error of trying to shake Tic Tac into their hands while shaking the box with the right side up. Instead, begin the procedure by upside-down turning the plastic case. If you've been employing the shake-it-into-the-hand technique for a while, don't worry, you’re not alone.

The oval-shaped compartment found behind a Tic Tac container flap is responsible for allowing one Tic Tac to be removed from the container. Before you move forward, check it out as you click open.

  1. Continue to chew the Tic Tac.

Don't feel as though you must chew Tic Tac gums Canada.

They are not candies but breath mints (although people regard them as such). In order to freshen your breath, you should just let the Tic Tac sit on your tongue for a little while.

In your mouth, let the Tic Tac dissolve.

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