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Every age group, whether it is children, adults, or people from the older generation, loves candies. One even likes to boast about their colossal candy collection. Candy collection helps one to keep hold or keep track of their progress in trying out new candies, almost like a candy enthusiast.

Whether collecting the wrappers of old chocolates and keeping them in between the pages of scrapbooks or relieving the memory of chocolate we ate by eating it again and again, candies are more than just a mere combination of sugary materials.

All the people who love candy believe in having an extraordinary candy collection. This collection requires one to have chocolates that are from various brands and also made from various flavors and additives. 

This candy collection cannot exist without the exclusive Mr Beast candies. Almost everyone is a fan of Feastables globally—the well-known Feastables Mr Beast’s collection is making rounds whether online or in the existing stores.

Additionally, we aim to make procuring Mr. Beast’s candies easier. Wholesale candy suppliers provide various candies, specifically Feastables Mr.Beast Candies. Candy Distributors Canada wants to extend its consumers to even non-candy enthusiasts.

By providing the means to purchase a variety of candies and chocolates from various parts of the world, wholesale candy suppliers will make Feastables Mr.Beast Candies a household name. Everybody should know what a great taste these delicious Feastables have.

Wholesale candy suppliers in Canada like Candyville provide this authentically. Various Feastables Mr.Beast Candies snacks are provided as flavored snack bars. We also have a stock of gummies that yield to the playful taste buds.

So, let us explore the detailed way to get your hands on Feastables Mr.Beast Candies to add to your exclusive candy collection only from wholesale candy suppliers. Let’s dive into the delicious world of candies.

Who is Mr. Beast?

An extremely popular American YouTuber, James Stephen ‘Jimmy’ Donaldson, better known as Mr Beast, has been making rounds. He is popularly known for his high-production videos, which are pretty fast-paced. All these high-production videos mostly feature solving elaborate problems and involving an extremely handsome giveaway.

Posting videos on YouTube since age 13, Mr Beast has been in this game for quite a long time. Most of his videos keep going viral time and again. Running numerous YouTube channels and other foundations, Mr Beast has an estimated net worth of $500 million.

Mr Beast has ventured into numerous other branches, such as Mr Beast Burger and the go-to Feastables. Simultaneously, he is also investing in many social firms and making good use of his influence on people. Obsessed with studying virality, Mr Beast is known to have studied the YouTube algorithm quite well. Sitting all day on his computer, Mr Beast has rightly shown that hard work also needs a lot of intelligent work.

Highly interested in food and candies, Mr Beast subsequently launched his brand, Mr. Beast Burger, quite soon after rising to popularity. Regarding Mr Beast Burger, it was believed to be launched as a virtual restaurant chain. Elevating the whole concept of virtual dining, Mr. Beast entered the market very soon.

In January 2022, Mr. Beast entered the food market by creating a food company called Feastables. Feastables is famous for its chocolate bars known as Mr Beast bars. These bars became very popular among the masses, offered in three flavors, namely original, almond, and Quinoa crunch.

So, after knowing a little about Mr Beast, we will now go into the exciting space of Feastables, which curates unique snack bars under the supervision of Mr. Beast himself.

Feastables by Mr. Beast

We learned that Feastables is a food brand created by the famous YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson or MrBeast. Since entering the food market, Feastables is believed to be curating unique snack bars for the masses.

After launching, Feastables began sales by offering three yummy flavors: original, almond, and Quinoa crunch. By marketing this food brand with his same study of YouTube analytics, Mr Beast curated some extraordinary challenges around this very concept of Feastables. This challenge mindset helps increase curiosity in the minds of candy lovers and even those who are not.

His huge prize money giveaway regarding the chocolates was compared to as a reference to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Such well-known names associated with the Feastables made it more relatable to the general public.

They were venturing into making Feastables, MrBeast cookies, and gummy. Feastables is doing fantastic, as per recent surveys. There is a massive variety of Feastables, all popular products listed by them. 

Candy distributor Canada not only houses two or more of the listed variety of these tasty Feastables snack bars but also has yummy gummies that are pretty savory and tasty. So, do not forget to decide what you want to order from this wide variety of MrBeast Feastables and gummies from wholesale candy suppliers.

Variety of Feastables Mr. Beast 

You should know that Feastables Mr. Beast comes in many varieties compared to the earlier three that were released on the market. This colossal variety has been curated as per the liking and preferences of the consumers of candies.

As listed on their official site, Feastables, as a food place itself, sells three categories of Feastables snack bars, cookies, and gummies. Let us specifically talk about the various flavors of Feastables we can buy from the list as candies.

Feastables Mr. Beast is generally sold out on its very own website. However, we try to stock it up more so that everybody has access to this fantastic variety of snack bars served by Feastables Mr. Beast.

Talking about the listed eight varieties of unique festivals, let us explore the various flavors we can try our hands on.

  • Original Chocolate

  • Feastables Mr. Beast’s original chocolate bar is the epitome of timeless indulgence. This variety offers a rich and velvety experience beyond the ordinary chocolate bar. Named Regal, it sets the foundation for the entire feasible collection curated by Mr. Beast. This not only sets a high standard for the brand but also consistently ensures that this chocolate's quality and taste remain par excellence.

  • Chocolate Sea Salt

  • Going beyond the regular taste of original chocolate set as a standard by Mr. Beast, one has to try chocolate sea salt if he or she is a fan of an infusion of sweet and savory. Tantalizing the taste buds with the perfect balance of the two flavors, the dominance of premium sea salt crystal makes the complexity of the chocolate more sophisticated and long-lasting.

  • Quinoa Crunch Chocolate

  • Moving ahead from the other two varieties of chocolate, we now get into the unique and bold taste of the Quinoa Crunch chocolate bar. This chocolate is curated while considering the combination of smooth chocolate and crispy Quinoa. This snack bar offers a delightful crunch in every bite, which gives a satisfying experience with a playful twist. A person who loves crunch can make quinoa crunch chocolate their go-to chocolate.

  • Milk chocolate-

  • The milk chocolate bar is the classic chocolate that can resonate with everyone from any generation. Made of a creamy milk texture, this chocolate is the go-to option for those seeking comfort and nostalgia in the chocolate or, to say, candy experience. This will make us relive our very own childhood days when we used to crunch over milk bars.

  • Milk chocolate crunch-

  • If one relishes the taste of classic milk chocolate, adding an exciting textural element as the crunch would make this experience more surreal. With added crispy bits in every milky sensation, this variety is a dynamic twist on a beloved favorite that offers a smooth balance between smoothness and crunchiness in these chocolate varieties.

  • Peanut butter

  • The next variety that we dive into is peanut butter. Formerly, this variety of chocolate was known as DEEZNUTZ. However, it was renamed to peanut butter as a flavor itself. One easily recognizes the flavor of peanut butter. To relish the immense sense of chocolates and nuts, this peanut butter flavor is a classic and must be tried by every candy lover.

  • Almond chocolate

  • If we are talking about the classic flavors, how can we forget the almond chocolate? Feastables almond chocolate bar is a sophisticated candy that works out the goodness of nuts, specifically famous in the name of almonds. Adding a delightful crunch, almond enhances chocolate's very texture, barring the tradition of eating chocolate to it being a healthy affair if India mixed with nuts as healthy as almonds.

  • Corpse cookies and creme chocolate

  • Talking about the last flavor, if one has to try a playful and slightly edgy twist, corpse cookies and creme chocolate bar have to be tried by you. Working out the dark chocolate and crunchy cookie bits, this new category from the traditional category makes it a must-try for those who love experimenting and exploring bold flavors and textures in their chocolates.

    Wholesale candy suppliers have a stock of Feastables Mr. Beast peanut butter snack bar and Feastables Mr. Beast chocolate chip snack bar. Both of these wonderfully delicious flavors should be tried by you at the very same time so that you can make up your mind as to which flavor will eventually become your favorite go-to Mr.Beast flavor.

    Grab Your Feastable from Candyville Now

    Now that we have almost read a lot about  Feastables Mr.Beast Candies, let us go through the guide as to how we can get our hands on these fantastic Feastables Mr.Beast Candies from our very own candy distributors in Canada.

    Boasting various candies that serve every kind, we have made the candy collection game relatively easy. You just have to follow the subsequent steps and get your hands on these fantastic candies that will make you a candy enthusiast while relieving your taste buds with the texture and taste of candy, specifically chocolate candies.

  • Stay informed with Candy Distributors Canada

  • Wholesale candy suppliers have a straightforward interface that lists the assortment of candies. You just need to scroll through, and the options come across live in front of you. By visiting the site, one can easily explore all the pretty popular items and even those that are new to the consumers.

     The very top bar that the page lists is inclusive of all the brands that are selling chocolates while also their product categories, the countries that they are made of, and what special offers you can avail to get these candies at an affordable rate are listed.

    Candy distributors in Canada like Candyville, then, become a very resourceful place or, to say, a crucial source of information for all the candy fans who want to indulge in this exciting world of Mr. Beast's exclusive candy collection.

    All you need to do is check regularly the website and social media of the top candy suppliers in Canada. This website will update you on the release dates of various types of candies, what promotions you can avail and even anything exclusive in this vast world of candies.

  • Check out the wide variety of candies

  • Once you go through this resourceful site, you will learn what a vast variety of candies Candy Distributors Canada offers us. You can find big brands like Airhead, e-fruity, Hershey, and even Wigley listed.

    Not only huge brands but also you could explore various kinds of products that you specifically want to buy in an affordable price range that you can set specifically. The product categories offered by wholesale candy suppliers like Candyville include chocolate, bubblegum, gummy, lollipops, peg bags, and theatre boxes.

    Explicitly talking about  Feastables Mr.Beast snack bars, you are now getting two  Feastables Mr.Beast Candies snack bars and two of  Feastables Mr.Beast gummy flavors.

    The  Feastables Mr.Beast Candies snack bar is available in the regular peanut butter flavor we discussed. The creamy peanut butter explosion will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your fuel for various adventures to come. You can get your hands on this Feastables snack bar, which is plant-based and made of pure roasted peanuts, dates, rice flour, tapioca, starch, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and sea salt.

    The other variety of Feastables Mr.Beast Candies chocolate chip snack bar is also available with us. A five-count box of this variety is offered for on-the-go snacking and munching. Made of organic materials like organic sugar, cocoa mask, cocoa, butter, and rice flour, this unique flavor is led by various additives that are not only as tasty as chocolate chips but also healthy, like tapioca and sea salt.

  • Easily buy candies online

  • Now that you have explored the available Feastables vibe, it is time to explore this category of snacks by just usually searching through the search bar. After finalizing your choice of flavors, put them in the shopping cart and check out quickly by paying through any of the numerous listed platforms.

    Your candy collection has been made simple by Candy Distributors Canada. By stocking up Feastables Mr.Beast Candies, wholesale candy suppliers are offering you a candy affair nobody else can at once. 

    So, what stops you from living this sweet experience in reaching the corner of your tongue? Explore Candy Distributors Canada, select your favorite candy, keep it in your cart, and check out with ease, and viola; you have entered the champion league of candy enthusiasm.


    In this blog, we dealt in detail with how we can explore the variety of candies, especially Feastable Mr Beast’s online. We now have understood and explored that wholesale candy suppliers have a long list of candies that yield to people with various taste preferences.

    This collection can be built by exploring exciting new candy options. However, we very well know that this exploration of newer options that are difficult to find as well. This problem is solved by Candyville, which provides a wide variety of candies on its site.

    By exploring Candy Distributors Canada, one can get their hands on Mr. Beast's exclusive candy collection as well. The entire blog explores how Mr. Beast's Feastables are well-known to everybody. We also looked at the making of these Mr. Beast Feastables and how they are a plant-based snack that unpacks a punch. 

    We even explored that we could go ahead with the variety of flavors or snack bars in the market and how we can get a hand on Mr. Beast Feastables, which come in various flavors as listed. We can get our hands on chocolate chip, snack bars, and peanut butter snack bars from Candy Distributors Canada’s website.

    Making the procurement of candy super easy, affordable, and accessible to all types of people in the market, the candy collection has been made not only more accessible but also more exciting and more manageable.Now, nobody has to dig through the numerous shelves of the supermarkets endlessly. Instead, one can come to Candyville and explore the wide variety of Feastables MrBeast candies and also other candies that may be well-known or not.

    Do not forget to check out this site to explore such unique candies and how to eat and enjoy them. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Candyville right now and satiate your thirst for candies by exploring various candies. 

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