Delicious Facts from the World of Candy

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In a realm in which delectable delights reign excellent, in which sugary sensations dance upon the tongue, and wherein whimsical creations captivate the imagination, lies the fascinating international of sweet. From its humble starting in ancient civilizations to its marvellous prominence in modern-day society, sweet has launched into a fascinating journey via time, leaving a trail of candy appeal in its wake.

Candy Distributors Canada, a purveyor of delectable delights and a bastion of bulk chocolate bars and wholesale candy, invitations you to embark on a sugary day trip into the world of confectionary wonder. As we delve into the depths of candy's wealthy history, we shall discover fascinating testimonies, exciting facts, and beautiful anecdotes to tantalize the flavor buds and increase the horizons of sweet connoisseurs anywhere.

Did you realize that the earliest kinds of candy had been likely crafted from honey, fruits, and nuts? Or that the ancient Egyptians had been famed for their fondness for goodies, crafting complex confections that had been each visually appealing and delightfully flavorful? These are only a few of the numerous fascinating tidbits that watch for you as we embark on our sugary odyssey through time.

Along the manner, we can find out the origins of iconic chocolates, which have become out to be ingrained in our collective cognizance, such as the undying enchantment of chocolate, the effervescent enchantment of lollipops, and the chewy delight of gum. We shall find out the tales at the back of the producers who are familiar with the sweet industry, delving into the entrepreneurial spirit and creative genius that have introduced these loved treats to existence.

So you have to prepare to have your mind boggled, your taste buds tantalized, and your imagination ignited as we are going to embark on a captivating journey into the world of candy. Let the symphony of sweetness commence!

Let the sweetness begin!

Top 10 Facts About The World Of Candies 

The world of candies might seem sugary for everyone, regardless of age. Candies have the potential to delight the mood of everyone when someone is not in a good mood. This is not an end, numerous facts have the potential to blow your mind with its sweetness. So, let us have a look at the top facts about the world of the candies:

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Fact Number 2: The first candy was made in ancient Egypt

Incident Or Event: Do you know when the first candy was invented? The first candy was created in ancient Egypt around 2000 BC. The first candy was built with a mixture of honey, fruits, and nuts. 

The Egyptians used honey to create candy by including figs, dates, spices, and nuts.  At that time, Egyptians used these candies for the worship of their god and goddess. 

Candies were also a part of culinary art. The first evidence of candy as a culinary art can be found as far back as 3000 BCE. The candy that falls under culinary art is a confection of honey and a sesame seed called Halvah. After the following centuries, nuts, fruits, plants, and seeds were coated with honey and often dried to form various types of candies.

Apart from Egyptians,  Chinese, and Arabs have also created candies with fruits and nuts that caramelized with the presence of honey in ancient times. Licorice and ginger are the oldest types of candies that are still available in today’s world.

Fact Number 3: Candies were medicine

Incident Or Event: Yes, you read it right. Candies were considered as the source of medicine, instead of sweets, in ancient times. Before the revolution of industries, these sweet treats were considered a form or type of medicine because these treats were used to calm the digestive system of a human. Another reason the candies were considered medicine is that they also come with the ability to provide you with relief from a sore throat.

Candies also appeared on the table of the most wealthy at first in the middle age. At that time, candies were begun as a mixture of spices and sugar to provide the people of that time with an aid to digestion. 

At that time, banquets were also used to serve these treats to their candies. At that time, these candies were made with ginger, cloves, juniper berries, and more in melted sugar.

Fact Number 4: Candies are best for mood upliftment!

Indeed, you read it right. Candies also have the potential that make anyone with a bad mood happy. Candies have the ability to the reward system of the brain. These sweet treats come with the ability to release a feel-good or happy hormone called dopamine and serotine.

When someone eats these sweet treats, the sweets instantly go from the stomach to the bloodstream. Now, the bloodstream transfers the sweet to the brain, which causes a significant surge of dopamine. 

Remember, dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in controlling emotional response. This is the hormone that causes a feeling of excitement, joy, and happiness. This hormone is among the same hormones that are released during exercise.

Candies also come with some chemicals that can make you happy. Below are the details of chemicals that can make you happy and included in candies:

  • Phenylethylamine: Phenylethylamine is a natural antidepressant that comes with the ability to produce the same experience in a human that he or she can experience when they fall in love with someone. 
  • Theobromine: Theobromine is another chemical that you can find in candies. This chemical is a chemical that simulates a high, but a lower level. Thereby, this chemical produces the effect of relaxing. This chemical also has the potential to relieve stress. 

In short, candies are a source of happiness because it has uncountable potential that can gradually improve the mood of any human or make him or her happy. 

Fact Number 5: Candies can make you healthy.

If you are health conscious, then you might be aware of the fact that candies are not good for health because they come with the ability to boost high sugar levels in the human body.  Apart from that, candies also have numerous negative impacts on the body of humans. 

We are sure that you might be feeling fear by knowing the facts mentioned in the previous paragraph. But do you know that candies also come with the ability to provide a human with uncountable benefits for his or her health? Let us take a look at how candies can provide you with health benefits:

  • Candies come with the capability that can drastically boost energy levels in the body of the human. The sugar in candies comes with the simple carbohydrate. The human body has the potential to convert the carbohydrate into glucose. Remember, glucose is the primary source of energy for cells.
  • Researchers at the affiliate of Georgetown University have discovered that candies with cocoa beans have enormous benefits for patients with cancers. There is a chemical named cocoa called GECGD that is most effective toward fast-growing cancers.
  • There are numerous candies, like ginger candy, that come with the potential to provide you with relief in digestion issues, like gas, acidity, and more. These candies also come with the potential to provide some relief in the sickness of motion. 
  • There are uncountable candies that are created with the fusion of chocolates. Remember, chocolate comes with the chemical named theobromine. This chemical comes with the ability to calm the nerve of the vagus, which is irritated when coughing. Numerous studies suggest that these candies can be more effective than regular or standard cough syrup.

The health benefits of candies do not end here. There are other numerous benefits that you can get by eating candies. However, you should remember one thing: you should consume or eat these sweet treats in moderation or limit because these sweet treats come with high sugar content that can significantly boost the blood sugar level in the body of a human. In short, candies that you can purchase from wholesale candy suppliers in Canada have the potential to improve the overall health benefits of the human body.

Fact Number 6: Candies decrease the risk of heart attack.

Yes, you read it right. These sweet treats can also decrease the chance of heart attack in humans. Candies that include the essence of chocolate are very high in magnesium. Remember, magnesium comes with the ability that help regulate the system of cardiovascular.  

Apart from magnesium, these chocolates also come with other healthy nutrients, including Polyphenols, Stearic acid, Flavonoids, and Methylxanthines. These nutrients also come with the potential to decrease inflammation in the body of humans. Apart from decreasing inflammation in the body of humans, these nutrients also can improve the good cholesterol in the human body.



According to a study, eating 100 grams of chocolate in a day can not only decrease the risk of heart attack. But these sweet treats can also drastically decrease the chance of brain stroke in the body of humans.  Another study discovered that people who eat chocolate regularly have an 8 percent lower risk of heart attack.

This is not the end. There is another study that proves the significant effect of candies on the heart.  According to that study, people who eat chocolate regularly have a younger age, waist-to-hip ratio, inflammatory proteins, lower weight, and systolic blood pressure. 

In the same study, these sweeteners offer the ability to reduce the possibility of diabetes and increase physical endurance in the human body All these factors are involved in cardiovascular disease or Better CVD risk. But chocolate can only be worthwhile if you eat it in moderation. In short, the chocolate candies you can buy from Candy Distributors Canada have the power to save you from a heart attack.

Fact Number 7: Chocolates are also candies!

We are sure that you might be shocked after reading this fact. But this fact is indeed actual. According to Merriam-Webster, candies are confections that are made from a mix of sugar, flavoring, and filling.  Similarly, chocolates are created with sugar and other flavors and fillings. 

Remember, candies are those sweet confections in which sugar is used as the primary ingredient. When it comes to chocolates, numerous chocolate products contain a lot of sugar. All those chocolates are considered a part of the world of candies.  In short, most chocolates can be considered candies because they meet the actual or exact definition of candies. 



You must remember that there are uncountable confectioners or candies experts who do not classify these sweet treats as a part of candy. The reason behind their thought is that there are numerous products of chocolate, like cocoa butter and cocoa powder,  that are not built with the primary ingredient of candies. 

You might also be surprised to learn about the fact that candies refer to both products of sugar and chocolate in the United States of America. But most people consider chocolate and candy to be the same. In short, bulk chocolate bars in Canada are also a part of the world of candies. 

Fact Number 8: Natural Candies are a real thing.

This era is also known as the artificial era because there are numerous products, including candies,  in which artificial flavors and colors are being used. But now, there are numerous manufacturers of candies who are trying to go on the natural journey of manufacturing candies with natural methods. 

Numerous candy manufacturers are using natural ingredients, like cane sugar, inverted sugar syrup, natural extraction of fruits, and more.  Apart from ingredients, these manufacturers of candies are drastically switching to the use of natural colors. In short, they are replacing the use of artificial colors and artificial ingredients with natural colors and natural ingredients, affecting their original appearance. 



The best part about this change is that there are numerous famous manufacturers of candies who are applying these changes to their most popular products or candies. For example, Nestle USA has replaced artificial vanilla with natural vanilla in its most popular product Crunchy Bar. In short, now, you can experience the natural flavors of your favorite candies by purchasing them from Candy Distributors Canada. 

Fact Number 9: The first Gummy candy was created in Germany.

Gummy candy is among the most popular types of candies that you can purchase from wholesale candy suppliers in Canada. But do you know that when these sweet treats were first ever created? The straight answer to this question is that the first gummy candy was created in 1922. It means that your favorite candy is 100 years old now. 



The first gummy candy, named Haribo Gummy Bear, was created in 1922 by  Hans Riegel Sr.  Hans Riegel Sr. was a famous confectioner from Bonn, Germany. The gummy candy was initially a tiny, fruit-flavored, and gelatin-based treat shaped like a bear. 

Riegel created the Haribo gummy with the inspiration of dancing bears that were famous at the festival in Europe.  Nowadays, these gummy candies are also famous as Gummibär or Gummibärchen.  

Fact Number 10: The USA has the highest candy consumption rate.

Indeed, the lovers of candies are widely available in the world. But there is no competition in the United States of America when it comes to the consumption of candies. We are sure that you will be surprised to know that the average American consumes 8 pounds or 3.7 kg of candies annually. This data might increase for children. In short, Americans are fans of candies and bulk chocolate bars in Canada


Final Words

Step right into a world where sweetness reigns ideal and confectionary wonders wait for. From historical civilizations to modern indulgences, The Journey of Sweet is a tapestry of charming tales. Candy Distributors Canada invites you to embark on a sugary odyssey, in which each fact is greater pleasant than the last. We hope that our article was helpful for you in understanding the delicious facts about the world of candy. If you are up for buying the best candies in Canada, then you should surely check out Candy Ville. They are one of the best online suppliers of American and European candies. They deal in both wholesale and retail. Reach out to us at for more information.

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