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Every sweet tooth who prefers waffles but still loves chocolate can choose a bar that contains both the first and the second in sufficient quantities. The crunchy solution, covered with black, white, or milk chocolate, has the familiar KitKat name for everyone. This sweet has a long history, which is full of various events. Probably, every sweet lover is wondering what path the KitKat bar went through before becoming popular in many countries.

How did the bar appear, and why did it become popular so quickly?

The trademark, which in the future was called KitKat, appeared thanks to the Rowntree company, popular in England's 30s of the last century. The first bars that became the prototype of the KitKat were called Rowntree's Chocolate Crips. The sweetness consisted of bars with a delicious waffle filling. They translated from English, crisp - crispy. Crips were connected into one tile. The classic version of the sweets, which became famous worldwide and was named KitKat a year later, was released by the company back in 1936.

At that time, KitKat was called KitKat Chocolate Crisp, but later the last prefixes were removed. Many admirers of crunchy sweets are interested in where its name came from. The answer is straightforward - this is the abbreviated name of Christopher Catling, who was the owner of the famous tavern, which gathered Whigs for meetings of the club of the same name.

Five decades after the brand's inception, Rowntree was bought out by the world-famous Nestlé concern. The nineties became the time of popularization of bars all over the world. This made the brand as popular as the world-famous Mars.

Although the brand appeared in the UK, the company's owners conducted the most cautious marketing policy in this country. In new regions, one by one, stunning KitKat flavors appeared, such as green tea or peanuts.

Then there were ups and downs in popularity, made possible by new bars like the big KitKat Chunky. Fed up with unexpected demand, marketers began to produce unprecedented types and flavors of waffle bars to surprise consumers. But this was not successful. After the dismissal of the marketing team, new specialists got down to business, who communicated with customers and found out that among the variety of unique flavors, it is challenging to find a favorite bar with the usual classic taste. This is where the experiments stopped.

Interesting facts about KitKat waffle bars
  1. Today, everyone knows about the popularity of bars. They received a special honour thanks to Google, which named one of the versions of the operating system for mobile phones in honour of the brand.
  2. Different tastes and fillings of KitKat are created according to the preferences of the inhabitants of the country in which it is produced.
  3. From 1945 to 1947, the classic KitKat was blue. This was because, due to the reduction in the supply of milk, the recipe for sweets was temporarily changed.
  4. The name of the bar in Japanese is consonant with the wish of good luck, so before the exam, you should bite off a piece of the bar to get a good grade.
It tastes of KitKat that will conquer everyone.

Many sweet lovers still want to try KitKat with different tastes. So, in small quantities, tasty, unusual KitKats appear. Finding them on the shelves of our stores takes work, but you can buy them from our wholesale candy store in Canada

  1. A delicious waffle bar dressed not in milk but in white chocolate icing - White Chocolate.
  2. If you are a fan of peanut butter taste, you should try the famous KitKat Peanut Butter in England. Sweetness with nuts has become more nutritious and tasty.
  3. A waffle bar covered with sweet caramel won the hearts of many precious teeth. It's called Double Caramel.
  4. For those who prefer the delicate taste of white chocolate, the producers have created Vanilla Choc.
  5. And how about a delicious layer of cream containing hazelnuts? Then opt for Hazelnut Chocolate.

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