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Are you someone who loves candies? then you are at the correct place. These sweet little delights called candies, had once become a part of every individual’s childhood. Even to relive those moments, people like to consume candies that used to be their favorite childhood snack. No one would say no to a candy unless barred by any medical issue. 

It is in human nature to choose sweets over any kind of savory. People have their sweet preferences, but the majority of them would come up with candies and chocolates. The wholesale distributors in Canada make available the world-famous candies at a reasonable price. People enjoy being a child at this moment. Since candies have high sugar content they are also an energy booster at times of weakness. 

At an auspicious occasion or celebration, it is considered to be a good practice to begin with a sweet. What better than tiny candies, that can give a burst of flavor into your mouth? This cultural practice is followed at various homes around the world which brings about a pleasurable experience. Since every person has their candy preferences, being able to enjoy those childhood memories gives away a feeling of nostalgia. They can associate with the memories lived in their old days while having these blasts of flavors. 

One such nostalgic experience that everyone would have experienced is carrying these tiny candies into their pockets. It would be a savior in those days while craving some sweets. However, these days, it is not possible to find every candy one used to consume in their childhood days. Candyville, being a wholesale candy supplier in Canada makes it possible to replay the old days by providing you with almost all those candies. 

Save money on purchasing Candies

Would you not like to save some money while purchasing? Here are some effective ways that can help you save while you purchase your favorite candies:

Buy Candies in Bullk: when you are ready to buy the candies in bulk, they will cut down around 20% of the cost that you would spend while purchasing from the retail stores. Candyville is one such place where you get candies at a wholesale price. They have a huge variety of candies ranging from Boston America to Airheads. If you have a business or are planning to start one, then buying from Candyville will help you keep higher margins of profits. You might even stock them up at home and use them for personal consumption. It will help you save money since no middlemen are involved. 

Keep an eye on discounts & offers: looking for such websites or places where you can get the maximum discounts and offers might seem to be a task, but not anymore. Candyville solves all your problems. You get quality candies and your favorite ones at the best prices. These discounts are run through their official website which allows you to save your hard-earned money. This will help you in your business as well and you can sell them for a profit. It will create a competitive environment amongst the others in the market. You would have a competitive edge and customers would choose your shop over the others. 

Compare Prices before buying: While shopping, it is human nature to compare the prices before buying. No one would want to spend extra money on candies that you can buy at a lesser price. It gives you an idea of the overall pricing trend and you can purchase from the one that gives you the best deals. Candyville ensures it to its customers. There is a humongous variety of candies from all around the world. You may be able to search for alternatives as well available on the website of Candyville and be able to get the best available candies. 

Share with your loved ones: We all have heard a saying that says "Sharing is caring" and it suits us well when purchasing candies and chocolates. It is one of the best ways to enable you to purchase those expensive chocolates. You would still be able to buy and share these with family and friends. Dutch in the amount might not be frequently applied but it helps you to cut down the costs while you enjoy your favourite or expensive candies. 

Explore local brands: Various brands remain unexplored. People forget the fact that these new or underrated candies are available at lower prices. In this way, you will also be able to taste the delicacies that would not have been available otherwise. Sometimes these unknown brands have a blast of flavours and are available on a  budget. 

List of candies that are available in candy stores:

Candyville is one the highest-ranked wholesale candy suppliers in Canada that has plenty of candies to choose from. They are tasty and affordable at the same time. Here are below the top rated among all:

1. Jelly belly chews: If you are a fan of something chewy that tastes sweet with a pinch of sourness, then these jelly belly chews would be your ultimate pick. These jelly beans are a blast of various fruity flavors. Jelly Belly is a California-based company and you can purchase them from the website of Candyville for the best deals and prices. The various items available from this company are jelly belly Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s every flavor bean, jelly belly sours, buttered popcorn peg bag, kids mix, smoothie blend, fruit bowl, etc. These candies are delicious and give you a pleasurable experience. 



The jelly belly sours have a variety of flavors like watermelon, green apple, blue raspberry, and lemon. The ones looking for a gluten-free candy, Jelly Belly Sours is the one for you. They are made fat-free in case you are on a diet. 

The buttered popcorn is a unique product that Jelly Belly launched. You can get the same buttered popcorn flavor in the form of candy beans. If you are having a movie night, then try these beans and you will love them. 

For all Harry Potter fans, these Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s is the ultimatum. Every bean gives you a flavor as if you were a part of the Harry Potter world. These jelly beans are a must-try for you all!

2. Aftershocks popping Candy: If you haven’t had aftershocks candy, are you even a cand lover? They are one of the best classics served ever. The blue raspberry flavor in the form of popping candies is all you need as a stress buster. They look like ordinary candy but once it goes into your mouth, the flavors pop and give you a tingling sensation. 

Every bite has a surprise ready for you. The Aftershocks four flavor is another candy that would be your ideal choice. The four flavors give you a delicious experience.



Have you ever heard of candy as a cotton candy, then popping cotton candy is the one for you. It is a twist and fun to the regular cotton candies. Kids love cotton candies and this candy will seem to them as something new. 


3. Airheads bites: With around 35 years of customer base, Airheads has been a popular brand for candies among every kid. They have a variety of products on their list and none of them remains unsold. However, Candyville ensures that these candies are available to you as soon as possible. Being a wholesale candy supplier in Canada, Candyville has been a popular and trustworthy choice among the people. 

Airheads Bites Paradise blend would be perfect for parties, celebrations, or any occasion. They have a crunchy outer texture that sits well with the softer inner coatings. You can munch them on every time while have a sweet craving. 



4. Albert’s Super Gummy Cola bottle: If you are looking for something unique then this gummy cola bottle is the one for you. Children love to try such new things and this would be one of them. These gummy bottles are chewy in texture. However, since the flavor is Coca-Cola, you would have probably guessed the frizziness would be obvious. There is nothing that would stop the Alberts from producing such unique and interesting items. 

They had also launched their Pool gumballs. Replicating the pool game is a fun way to enjoy the candies, One who is a fan of playing pool would love to have these candies as a present. They taste delicious while being chewy. The bright colors have a number that can be competitive song the guests to choose their favorite ones. 



5. Asia-Chupa Chups: Any Chupa Chups fan would know how delicious are they. These tangy, sweet, and sour bits in the chupa chups are all one would want in the form of a candy. Chupa chups are chewy in texture and are full of flavors. 

Since 1958, they have been an ideal choice for all kids and adults. The way one would have the chewy candy differs and gives an ultimate experience. Chupa Chups candies are not sold by every wholesale supplier in Canada. However, Candyville understands the nostalgia and the memories attached to these candies. It makes sure to restock them as soon as it goes out of stock. This enables the customers to buy the ones that had been their childhood favorites. 

Chupa Chups had also launched various drinks that indulged in flavors like grapes, melon cream, and strawberry. These new forms are gaining popularity but nothing can take over the candies. These flavors meet with the local tastes of the consumers and they love to have these candies every time as their treat. 


6. Baskin Robbins Cubes: Known as an international chain of ice creams, Baskin Robbins had come up with the candies and chocolates. Burt Baskin had done a great job coming up with these ideas and looking after the growing market.  There are two flavors that one can rely on while picking up Baskin Robbin cubes, cheesecake and strawberry. 

The strawberry one is filled with the original flavor and has a sweet creamy burst into the taste buds. The cheesecake would seem as if having an original cheesecake at a popular store. New York has some of the best cheesecakes in the world. Baskin Robbins turned them into cubes that children and adults can snack on. 



7. Bazooka Wallet Back: Bazooka is well known for its extravagant gums and its various other delicacies. Since 1940, these have been a part of every gum chewer. Their name is drawn from the military weapons and so is the flavor of these gums. 

Over the years, they have changed the packaging and come up with new varieties. It has taken over the hearts of millions of customers who would always prefer the have these gums over any other ones. 



The theatre box is the ultimate party box for any occasion. Not only are they huge in number but have such intriguing flavors to enjoy. They have derived the unique concept of including comics in every piece of item. This makes the children curious to know more about them and they love to have them. 

Another best-selling item of Bazooka is the mouth candy spray. If you do not want those candy bars then these sprays are perfect for you. Not only are they portable but they can be used for long periods. The four flavors are cola, strawberry, blue raspberry, and apple.


8. Big League Chew: If you are a candy lover, you would know about the Big Chew League. It is the best candy available all around the world. Since the 1970s, this brand has been offering its products to people all around. The founders, being baseball players have been enthusiastic about it and always associated the candies to their games. Hence, in every Big League chew packaging, you would be able to find some symbolization of baseball. 

The Big League chew cotton candy is the ultimate try for all cotton candy lovers. The same flavors you will be able to get in the form of a candy. If you are looking for something delicious that can even meet your sweet tooth, then Big League chew cotton candy is the one for you. 

Blue raspberry has a tangy and sweet flavor that has been captured in candies. This is a healthy bubble gum and a great source to choose as an alternative to tobacco. These treats have been in the market and people have loved their taste and marketing.


9. Boston America-Bob Ross Tree Mint: Boston America offers various unique items and candies. People have been trying out their customers and would not agree to take any alternative to them. There has not been any other brand to have matched their level of creativity. All the wholesale suppliers in Canada had mostly been sold out of Boston America’s products. 

If you are a mint lover then this Bob Ross Tree mint is the one for you. It gives you a refreshing feel and is a complete stress buster. Moreover, it does not fail to satisfy your cravings. 



Did you miss their alien head sours? Then you must try them soon. These candies in the form of alien heads are unique and captivating. These green apple flavor alien heads are a must-have for your next party. This box of alien candies would be a blast for the children to enjoy. 

Another mouth-watering candy is the Batman nemesis that has Batman replicating on the packing. They are delightful and a complete treat for you. 


10. Charleston Chew Chocolate: If you are someone who loves to have chocolate bars that are chewy in texture, then these are the ones for you. Since 1922, they have been a favorite delicacy enjoyed by everyone. If you love chocolates these nougats covered with chocolate have a chewy substance. Having a party or any celebration, around the corner, then these chewy chocolate classic bars would be a hit. 

There are various flavors like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. You can taste each of these and find the one that suits your tastebuds best. The classic vanilla flavor coated in white chocolate is as tempting in taste as it looks. The theatre packs are a hit when you have a huge guest list around. 



Above are some of the popular brands available on Candyville, a large wholesale candy supplier in Canada. However, there are various other brands available that you can check out from their official website. It will give you an outlook of the entire supply chain and you can get your favorites on free delivery. 


Coming to the end of this blog, you will have come to know that candies can never be enough for you. It is all about the preferences you have in the candies. Since they come in various flavors like cocoa, lemon, and orange, and from various brands, you would rightly pick one for yourself. It is extremely easy and convenient to place your order via the Candyville website and within no time the order gets delivered. If you are someone seeking comfort and having some sweetness, then Candyville is your ultimate station. Here you get a wide range to choose from and add to your cart. Hence, don't wait and rush to place your place until the prices shoot!

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