Buying American confectionery in Canada?

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Where is the best place to buy? Who has the biggest choice? Where are the best prices? Where are most products available?

Questions upon questions when it comes to where to get your beloved USA products from. Brands such as Haribo, Reese's, Crunch, Lucky Charms, Hershey's, Snickers, and Co. are typically in the USA and the products are available in a wide variety of variations and sizes.

Difficult to find in Canada, the question arises how full can you stuff the suitcases from the USA trip?!

But it's not quite as bad as you might think. Online shops for American candy products are a place to go for fans of the treats, as well as local import shops in large cities or individual supermarkets with a selected range of imports.

However, the easiest and most attractive thing is to buy the products online, because here there is a direct price comparison and an overview of the entire range. Our wholesale candy store is  the number 1 contact point when it comes to American imported food , especially in the area of ​​peanut butter products. Since 2017, fans have been able to enjoy many brands and products with the flavor of peanut butter and have access to a wide range. The Peanutbuttershop sells its imported food to private customers as well as wholesale to business customers at the best prices, thus simplifying the long journey from the USA through customs to the end customer.

Brands include Reese's, Jif, Skippy, m&ms and many other popular brands that are a staple of American supermarkets. Whether sweets, snacks, spreads, pastries or cereals from the USA , the selection is huge and blows your mind. For all fans of US American food, take a look at Candy Ville definitely not wrong. Worth it!

Buy American confectionery in Canada now! Leave the long search and follow to the Candy Ville.

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