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Are you craving the delightful candies of Boston America, but unable to find them in Canada? If yes, the time has come because your favourite online store in Canada, Candyville, offers diverse collections of super delicious candies and mints to satisfy your taste buds. Candyville is a top rated online distributor in Canada from the other wholesale candy suppliers Canada, and the best part is that you can order your most-liked candies through our online store while sitting at home.

From Pac-Man - Ghost Sours, Nintendo - Controller Mints, and Bob Ross Flavor Palette Candy to Vanilla Poop Candy, every candies and mints are available in munchy flavours and textures. The best part is that Boston America's renowned products are available at wholesale prices for individuals, vendors, stores, event planners, and businesses. 

Our competitive pricing, top-rated qualities, and excellent customer service are the USPs that differentiate us from others.

Explore Boston America's Flavoursome Collections of Candies That will Satisfy Your Candy Zest

Nintendo-Mushroom Sours

Loaded with a mix of sour cherry and green apple flavours, Nintendo Mushroom Sours is one of the most tempting go-snacks from Boston America collections. These candies are packed in cute mushroom tins that are lightweight and easy to carry for your instant snacking needs. If you want to relish the blend of sourness and sweetness simultaneously, there is no better choice than Nintendo Mushroom Sours. 


Nintendo-Coin Candies

Satisfy your sweet thirst with Boston America's other prime collection of Nintendo Coin Candies. Packed in question mark box-shaped tins, these 1.2 ounces of Strawberry coin sour candies can be the perfect addition for gift hampers, outings, and hangouts to give you mouth watering moments. Due to their delectable flavour and attractive packaging, Nintendo-Coin Candies are sufficient for your cravings and a super feast for everyone's eyes. Share with your friends, put it on your shelf or take it handy when you crave sweetness to enlighten your day. 

Pac-Man - Arcade Tin

Pac-Man - Arcade Tin is a beautiful present to all Pac-Man enthusiasts, where they can enjoy the official arcade graphics in the form of delectable strawberry-flavoured candies. You will find every tin like an arcade cabinet, and every cabinet consists of 0.6 ounces of strawberry-flavoured Pac-Man candies. It is a perfect combo of strawberry sourness that makes you content with your yearnings. In addition, These iconic boxes of delicious sour strawberries can be the ideal offerings for your loved ones. 

America Pusheen Candy

Discover the exotic Strawberry flavour with America Pusheen Candy packed in tabby cat-shaped tin boxes. Inspired by the popular cartoon character Pusheen, a tuby tab cat is another ground-breaking collection by Boston American. Every tin contains 1.5 ounces of sweet strawberry-flavoured candies, offering a lovely bite to every sweet tooth.

Whether you want it for gifting, collecting, or simply needing it, America Pusheen Candy is an ideal pick to fulfill your sweet cravings.

Are you looking for the best wholesale candy suppliers Canada to buy these sweet treats in bulk? Connect with the Candyville, which allows you to order in bulk at wholesale prices.

Dundie Award Candy

Appreciate your co-workers with Boston American's Dundee Award Candy. These candies are the perfect way to reward your co-workers for their incredible input in the work. Each tin is packed with 0.8 ounces of The Office logo-shaped cherry sours, guaranteeing a satisfied taste. Whether looking for an exceptional gift for your co-worker or crazy for the sweet nostalgia and sour delight, Dundie Award Candy is the ultimate choice to uplift your mood. 

Buy it from Candy Ville, a leading bulk candy store in Canada that offers a prime variety of candies, including the Boston America The Office Dundie Award Candy. From large businesses to small retailers, event planners, birthdays, and parties for any occasion, Candy Ville is your one-stop shop for all your candy needs. 

Mario Bros Super Star Candy

Explore the superstars of the candy universe-Mario Bros Super Star Candy. These aesthetic star-shaped candies offer a rich strawberry flavour in every bite. Each Mario Bros Super Star Candy box has 18 tins of 0.6 oz candies, providing a delightful sweet snacking experience. These adorable tins are perfect for reuse, facilitating unlimited fun possibilities and decorative suggestions. This lightweight, compact tin box is easy to carry and lets you take it anywhere, whether at the office, on a picnic, holiday, outing, or other occasion, to fulfill your quick snacking desires. 

Superman Sour Cherry

These sour cherry candies are a perfect and refreshing treat for Superman fans. Made with real fruit juice, these Superman shield-shaped candies are well rooted in vitamin C. They provide a mixed taste, sour from the outside and sweet from the inside. If you are a candy lover and haven't tasted super delicious Superman Sour Cherry candies before, you are surely missing out on the best! Get it today from the Candyville-bulk candy Canada store at wholesale prices and expand your divine collection of candies.

Scooby Doo Mystery Machine

Inspired by the prominent cartoon series scooby doo, these Scooby Doo Mystery Machine sour green apples flavoured van savoury candies are perfect for their fans. These candies are packed in the mystery machine-shaped van and contain diverse fruity and sour flavours. Every bite gives you a gratifying palette for green apples with a bit of sourness that will leave you craving for more. 

The Mystery Machine packing adds extra value to these candies, making it a unique and thrilling gift option for the scooby doo fellows. 

Candy Mix Cassette Tape 

Explore the delightful sweet cherry mini candies packed in cassette-shaped tins. Made with high-quality ingredients such as Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Magnesium stearate, Artificial flavour, and Artificial colour (Red 40), these top-pick treats provide a satisfying taste experience and remind you of the old days of listening to tapes. Every tin is filled with 1.3 oz of sweet cherry mini cassette candies guaranteed to add to your every moment. 

Snowman Poop Jelly Beans

Boston America Snowman Poop Jelly Beans are super tasty fun jelly packed in attractive snowman-shaped tiny containers. These candies are made using top-quality ingredients consisting of Sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, citric acid, potassium, caramel colour, sorbate, and artificial flavours. These carefully chosen ingredients turn the final output into a delightful serving that fills you with sweetness. 

Whether you need it for your treat or you want to expand your business offerings, these Snowman Poop Jelly Beans or other edible confectionery from Boston America will surely fulfil your every need. 

Sour Slime

Sour Slime is another number in the list of Boston America's prominent top-rated candies. With a blend of sweetness and sourness, these candies offer a thrilling experience and promise a thirst for sensational snacking. Every order packed with nine units of these lip-smacking candies is an exemplary box that will satisfy your candy cravings or be an extreme addition to your gatherings or parties. 

These palatable, mouth watering Sour Slime candies are formed with a blend of ingredients, including Sugar, Citric Acid, Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavors and Colorants. 

These perfect sweet-sour tasty candies can be your ideal daily edible in minutes. Discover the joyful combination of sweetness and sourness with Boston America's sour Slime. These candies present a unique, bold flavour that guarantees a thrilling experience that can boost your taste buds to new heights. Just order it from Candy Ville, the leading bulk candy store in Canada. 

Final Wrap-up 

Boston America is quite popular for its top-rated flavorful candies and munchies packed in novelty collectable tins that can be reused. Candyville, our bulk candy Canada store, does its best to provide the taste of Boston America products in Canada through an online shopping platform. Suppose you aspire to buy these delectable candies for your businesses or need them for any occasion, such as small gatherings or significant events. In that case, you can place the order, and the product will be delivered to your doorstep quickly.

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