Best Five Chocolate Candy Flavors For a Die-hard Chocolate Fan

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Having a bad day? How about having chocolate candy? Chocolates are such small treats of joy that can instantly uplift any bad mood. The flavor of cocoa in itself is so powerful, that it can boost your energy levels. It can bring up a smile on your face from within. There are only a few people who would say no to a bar of chocolate. As soon as it appears, one can hardly control their temptation. It might give you some extra calories for the day, but you will be enthralled to have that one piece of happiness. 

Ever wondered how can chocolate be called happiness? Because it can better everything. It is the best gift for anyone on any occasion. Even in times of anger, chocolate can let the mind cool down. Be it a birthday gift or for an anniversary, chocolates would be perfect. You can make a bouquet, or a dessert, or combine it with other flavored chocolate to make another one. It has been a beloved treat for all. No one can indeed control their cravings when it comes to dessert or chocolate. 

Chocolate making process

Since chocolate has been a part of our lives for long, it has evolved over these periods. Be it in flavors, shapes, or packaging, it has all changed. However, the process remains the same. With technological advancements, various developments have been made. However, nothing can compromise the originality and authenticity of cocoa. Let us take a glimpse into the making of this delight: 

  1. Harvesting and drying of cocoa beans: Chocolates are derived from the cocoa beans that are harvested from the cocoa trees. The magic lies within the cocoa pods that are opened. Then the seeds are dried and the ones damaged are chunked out. 

  2.  Roasting: To bring out the flavors these cocoa beans are roasted and ground to give the perfect taste of chocolates. The aromas developed at this stage are completely mesmerizing. They are put under various temperature pressures to make the best of the chocolates.  

  3. Molding: Once it cools down, these chocolates are put into various molds to give them a perfect shape. Since the chocolates are liquid and need to be tapped to remove any kind of bubble formation. They are then set aside until it solidifies and takes in the shape of the molds. 

  4. Storage: Finally! These chocolates are ready and can be used for different purposes. After removing the molds, they are packaged well and distributed. However, it is important to protect the chocolates from extreme contact with moisture, heat, and other factors. 

These chocolates are now ready to be served and gulped in quickly before anyone else asks for them! You can buy them online from the best Candy distributors in Canada! They have excelled in providing their customers with the best chocolates from all around the world. You can just sit back and order to taste the best flavors of these chocolate candies at the convenience of your home. 

5 best flavors of chocolate candy

If someone says you have the same flavored chocolate, wouldn't that become boring? Hence, over the years, manufacturers have come up with various flavors to suit the taste buds of their consumers. Candyville supplies all such flavors in Canada at the best prices. Here are some worldwide famous flavors of chocolate candy that are available on Candy Ville’s website, the best candy distributors in Canada:

  1. Vanilla Flavor: One of the most common flavors in chocolates that everyone loves to have is the Vanilla one. The aroma of vanilla is a pleasure to witness and people are completely mesmerized by its taste. These chocolates have a sweet and creamy texture. Cow Tales Vanilla Charleston Chew vanilla and Boston America Poop Candy are some of the vanilla-flavored chocolates that you can witness on the website of Candyville

  2. Peanut Butter: For all peanut lovers, this combination with chocolate is immensely loved by people. It gives a crunchy and nutty flavor to the chocolate. Reese is one such brand that is well known for its peanut butter chocolates. It also has mixed peanut butter with other flavors like milk chocolate, white chocolate, sugar-free, etc. It has mastered serving its customers with its variations in sizes and shapes, like cups, eggs, bars, and cookies. You can get these easily ordered from Candyville.

  3. Sugar-free chocolate: Since people are conscious about their health these days, brands did not stack away from making them healthier. Thus, even the diabetic patient can have chocolates. Sugar-free chocolates that are made especially from the view of the people who do not prefer sugar are Hershey's sugar-free chocolate with caramel Peg, Twizzlers sugar-free strawberry twists, Sugar-free Jolly Rancher hard candy, etc. All these chocolates are easily distributed by Candyville and you can sit back until your order is received. 

  4. Milk chocolate: As the name suggests, it is much milky and creamier as compared to any other chocolate. The texture is so smooth that it can instantly melt into your mouth. It comes in various variants and is delicious when mixed with nuts. Hershey’s milk chocolate is available worldwide and is loved by all. It also comes in a sugar-free variant. Candyville is a well-known distributor of milk chocolates. Barton’s Million Dollar milk chocolate is another such creamy dessert to gulp on. The packaging is so attractive and tempting that no one can resist having bought them. 

  5. Mint chocolate: Doesn't the mint and chocolate combination sound weird? But it tastes amazing. The sweetness of chocolate is well balanced with the bitter and cool flavor of mint. It can be a refreshment snack or a dessert. However, this unique flavor might not be available everywhere. Candyville solves this problem by supplying various mint chocolates. Kit Kat duo’s dark chocolate mint is a complete delight for anyone. The combination of mint and dark chocolate goes well. 

All these chocolates are available on the Candy Ville website and you do not have to surge anywhere. All your chocolate requirements can be fulfilled under this single website. You can place your order from anywhere in Canada, and Candy Ville will make sure to get your order delivered within time. 

Benefits of having chocolates

Since childhood, we are made aware by our elders that having chocolates is not good for our health, excessive sugar is harmful to our bodies, etc., which is true. But when eaten at the right amount it can be beneficial for the body as well as for the mind. Let us now look at some of the benefits, so that next time you can have a chocolate candy without any guilt. 

  1. Filled with antioxidants: The chocolate having the best antioxidant properties is dark chocolate. They are rich in flavors and have a slightly bitter taste that reduces your stress. Antioxidants present in any food also prevent the risk of heart attacks and certain diseases. Because of the sugar levels in chocolates, it is also given at the time of low blood pressure.  

  2. Uplifts your mood: One better way to deal with a bad mood is having chocolate candy. They are known best to uplift your mood instantly. Scientifically it has certain compounds that release endorphins. Once this happens, you feel fresh and energetic again. You are good to go again!

  3. Provides value for nutrition: Can chocolate give us nutrition? Yes, it can when consumed only in adequate quantity. Dark chocolate is considered to have the best nutritional value. It has minerals like zinc and iron present in its contents. Other essential vitamins like Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B can also be found in chocolates. 

  4. Helps in Reducing Stress Levels: Due to the antioxidants in the chocolates, it can reduce the stress caused temporarily. However, for regular issues, you must consult a doctor. The sugar and carbohydrates present in chocolates can make you energetic and happy. 

Above mentioned are the benefits that chocolate can give. However, not to forget that excessive consumption can be an invitation to various diseases. Nowadays, healthier versions of chocolates are also available. Hence you should try these alternatives. You can also get your hands on wholesale candy in Canada from the Candyville website. They are stocked with various other healthy options for you to try. You simply need to visit their website and can get them delivered to your home in Canada. Thousands of people have trusted their service and they have never disappointed any of their customers. 

Summing up 

Chocolates are a complete package and happiness and no one would deny it. However, its consumption must be within limits to ensure that it does not harm your body. Even if you are on a strict diet, your trainer might get angry. However, having one little piece of chocolate will help you work even harder toward your goal. In case you want to purchase and refill your stock of chocolates, you can simply order it from the Candyville website, the wholesale candy suppliers in Canada, and get it delivered to your doorstep! Do not miss this chance and get your chocolate order placed today! Log on to today!

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