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Christmas is soon approaching so how can you miss planning your Merry Christmas day with family, friends and relatives? In Canada, Christmas preparations begin as soon as Halloween is over. While shops are packed with holiday-themed items and Christmas tunes take over the air, stores are decked out with green and red trinkets and Christmas trees. 

Moreover, to take advantage of the amazing sales, many Canadians begin their holiday shopping on Black Friday in November. Outside, Canadian streets are illuminated with breathtaking lights and dazzling trees, and homes are decked out with holiday decorations and inflatable Christmas trees. Whoa, amazing isn't it? 

The best part is around the season, Canadians are generally treated with dazzling white snowfall. The biggest holiday in Canada is Christmas, which transforms into a winter wonderland in the spirit of the season. 

Christmas Feast: Delicious Candy & Chocolates

Now while talking about the Christmas season, how can you not talk about the festive foods, yummy delicious chocolate pie, truffles, creamy fudges, chocolate bars and many more? 

Christmas is the best time to lavish your roast feast plate with all of your favourite seasonal delicacies. The first things that come to mind when you think of Christmas are family gatherings and gifts, but the food is what comes to mind second. Since we get to eat so many things we can't have at any other time of the year during the Christmas season, there's a reason why most of us overindulge! Our homes are loaded with a lot of candy and chocolates during this particular time of year.

Wait, are you someone looking forward to buying candies for this Christmas season? If yes then choose us, CandyVille, as we are the top Candy Distributors in Canada. 

Candy Ville Candies Make Christmas Happier

As we all know earlier local mom-and-pop businesses used to charge outrageous fees and offer a narrow range of designs and candies. In other words, there were no mass-produced candy souvenirs that had been assembled completely. But CandyVille recognized the need for a single destination to buy sweets in bulk and as party favours. We understand that candies are a must on festival occasions! 

We acknowledge the value of Christmas parties and how small, thoughtful touches can enhance a gathering. We provide excellent party and costume-related candy supplies at reasonable prices thanks to our years of experience seeing holes in the occasion category and creating retail business methods to fill those needs. 

Today, Candy Ville's evolving team is dedicated to providing each buyer with excellent customer service, simple purchasing, a huge range of truly unique personalized candies and premium constructed favours, as well as quick delivery for every event. Furthermore, for your major event or small gathering, we want to help you select the perfect treats, and we're pleased to assist you to figure out what kind of sweets will go best with your theme. We have famous candy brands like e-frutti, Dubble Bubble, Funables, Blood Spray, Jelly Belly and even European candy Canada. 

The list doesn't end here! It's a long long list for your Christmas celebration! 

Different Candies with surprising history For Christmas Celebration

The holiday season is a time for sweets and merriment, with delicacies ranging from candy Santas to peanut brittle. Every year, hundreds of millions of candy gifts, such as candy canes, chocolate Santas, and tins of peanut brittle, are produced. Knowing which Christmas candies are the most popular is key when planning a celebration or party because all of the beloved Christmas candies play a significant role in holiday customs.

  • Candy Canes
    Candy Canes
  • Of course, candy canes are a traditional Christmas treat! We use them as decorations by hanging them from our trees, stuffing them inside our stockings, and more. But did you know that Germany is where candy canes first appeared? A caring choirmaster desired a means to keep the kids calm during a Christmas service, so he came up with the idea in 1670. According to legend, he fashioned some plain white sugar sticks into a "J" shape to depict the shepherds' crooks that came to see the infant, Jesus. The first guy to use candy canes as Christmas decorations was a German immigrant to the United States in 1847; he hung them on his tree branch along with paper jewels. Early in the 20th century, candy manufacturers started adding peppermint and crimson stripes.

  • Peppermint Bark

    papperment bark

  • The tempting Christmas treat is made of candy canes, dark chocolate, and white chocolate called peppermint bark. In reality, it's a relatively recent innovation that was discovered in a Florida candy store in the 1960s, when it was offered all year round. By exclusively offering it during the last few weeks of the year in 1998, Williams Sonoma became famous for the sweet. Over five million packages have been sold in the past ten years!

  • Fudge


  • Fudge isn't just related to the holidays, but it is surely served at Christmas dinner and discovered in stockings! It is said to have been invented in America as the consequence of a batch of caramels that were "fudged." We also got the name that way. Around 1886, fudge first appeared at a Baltimore grocery store. Emelyn Hartridge, a woman, requested the recipe from the shop in 1888. She prepared it for a Senior Auction, and it was so well-liked that the local women's groups all requested the recipe! The remainder is history.

  • Peanut Brittle

    Peanut Brittle

  • Sweet and salty make the ideal mix! Peanut brittle is a product of a happy accident. When making taffy around 1890, a housewife in the south substituted baking soda for cream of tartar. She continued to boil the mixture, turning it from chewy to firm (brittle!) However, there is also a well-known folktale about Tony Beaver, a well-known lumberjack. He was said to have used peanuts and molasses, the main components of peanut brittle, to stop a flood!

  • Chocolate Oranges

    Chocolate Oranges

  • A chocolate orange is made to resemble an orange but is a ball of chocolate that has been cut into segments and blended with orange oil. Delicious! The custom of stuffing these delicious sweets into stockings originated with the practice of stuffing oranges into stockings. St. Nicholas is credited with giving three young ladies who were in dire need of money for their dowries sacks of gold in the first version of the story of Santa Claus. Oranges arrived to stand in for the gold that he gave them so liberally!

  • Peppermint Nougat

    Peppermint Nougat
  • These traditional circular candies with green triangles that resemble Christmas trees are something we've all seen (and eaten!). They're a staple of our holiday. A French confection known as nougat is produced of honey, sugar, nuts, and beaten egg whites. Although the French popularized nougat, it has been mentioned in Roman writings dating back to the first century AD in various forms! Around the 16th century, France experienced its first case. The word "nougat," which means "you spoil us," is derived from the phrase "tu nous gates."

  • Snickerdoodle truffle

    Snickerdoodle truffle

  • This dish is for you if cinnamon sugar is your weakness. When combined to create a decadent truffle-coated melting chocolate, this timeless pairing is made even better. Go directly for the cinnamon sugar sweetness you desire instead of wasting time on the cookie. Engage the entire family! Each truffle can be rolled through the molten chocolate and sprinkled with decoration with the help of little hands.

  • Marshmallows


  • These go great with a nice drink of hot cocoa. All winter long, the fluffy, airy peppermint marshmallows are delicious. Curl up by the fire with some peppermint marshmallows and beat the blues on a snowy day! These adorable little treats are fluffy and light, but flavorful!

  • Rum Balls

  • Rum Balls

    This delectable no-bake delicacy is called rum balls. Use your preferred toppings or the recipe's suggested walnuts, powdered sugar, and vanilla wafers to customize them. You can use bourbon or flavoured vodka instead of rum if you don't like it.

  • Coconut Chocolate Candies

  • These adorable coconut candies can be placed on cookie trays or served as a light dessert with coffee after dinner. The best thing is that you may use any toppings you like, including sprinkles, vibrant icing, coconut flakes, and more, to express your creativity. You could also leave them alone and eat them plain.

    Bottom Line

    We are providing the ultimate Christmas candy gift! One of the wonderful joys of the holiday season is feasting on a tonne of candy. Everywhere you turn, you can find a dish of delectable gumdrops, chocolates, or peppermint bark that is simply begging to be eaten. So why not bring happiness home?

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