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Sour Strawberry Gummy Candies for Sweet and Sour cravings and out of the world gummy experience.

Bursting with rich and exciting strawberry flavor, these delectable gummies have a whole package of smooth and bendable texture, rich taste, and joyous experienced packed in one package for you.

Free of common allergens like kosher, peanuts, and more, this Canadian candy has been ruling the hearts of many over the years.

Now, you can munch on without any inhibitions or worry of risking yourself open to health hazards and such. The chewy will transport you into a whole new world where delicacies are full of potential and the possibilities to have fun are endless.

Birthday parties, gift baskets, office parties, events, picnics, movie nights, late-night sugar cravings, and other occasions will be brightened. Stock your pantries today!


Purchase these popular fun-filled boxes in bulk for your wholesale candy collection in Canada and increase your divine candy stock.


Brand: Canada Candy

Package information: Bag

Packet Weight: 2.5 Kg

Flavor: Sour Strawberry

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