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A delightful way to remain hydrated is with Kool-Aid Aguas Frescas Mango Powdered Drink Mix. Simply combine this unsweetened mango drink powder with water and sugar or your preferred sweetener to make a delicious fruity drink. 

The wonderfully sweet taste of the mango-flavored drink will quench your thirst. This powdered drink mix is always a terrific choice for the whole family because it contains no caffeine. So drink up guilt-free and never worry about anything ever again. 

It also contains a lot of vitamin C. These convenient drink powder packs ensure that you will always have a festive refreshment on standby. Fill a large plastic or glass pitcher halfway with the contents of the drink packet.

1 cup sugar (or another sweetener) Then, to make an excellent 2-quart supply, add cold water and ice. Each serving has 100 calories if made with sugar. Candyville, Canada's most dependable bulk candy supplier, is currently accepting bulk orders of the mixer!




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Citric Acid, Calcium Phosphate, Salt, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C, Yellow 5, Natural Flavor, Blue 1, Artificial Flavor, Bha, Preserves Freshness.


Empty contents into large plastic or glass pitcher. Add 1 cup sugar or 1 cup Splenda No Calorie Sweetener, Granulated (can add more or less to taste). Add cold water and ice to make 2 quarts; stir to dissolve. Do not store in metal container.

Ingredients and nutrition facts mentioned by the manufacturer are subject to change as per the manufacturer. For current data, kindly refer to product labeling or directly contact manufacturer.

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